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Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid case in Panlong?

Unless one has the legendary and mythical green card - it's ALWAYS a good idea to take your passport when visiting hospitals, banks, travel points (hotels, airports and rail) and of course, the police station.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Extra Baggage Fees Domestic

On the WeChat app - there's an app (in the app listings?) for an agent which lists SFO and two others - we use the others for shipping soft non-breakable goods such as clothes, pots & pans, etc. I'm sure both WeChat and alipay have several other shipping companies' apps, such as:

Yunda (not the university)

etc etc etc - these are the same companies that are used to ship goods sold on taobao, jd, etc.

We use the app to have a guy come pick up whatever we need to ship (be reasonable - they're a courier service and the guy is usually on an e-bike). We also have them deliver those green Santa Claus bags (dunno what they're called - but they're quite sturdy and resilient).

He'll walk you through how to use the app (in chinese) and carries a small hand scale that can go up to maybe 20kg or more.

As for shipping rates - dunno these days...but they charge by kg.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Banks supporting Macs for business accounts?

I gave up long ago and installed Parallels for MacOS although I'm unsure if it'll work the same with Apple's non-intel CPUs. You can download and run a demo copy to test your bank's PC apps and key fobs for compatibility.

Parallels allows you to run native MacOS and boot up the app when you need to run WINOS (or other OS's, such as unix flavors) in parallel with the MacOS. It seems to run at speeds close to WINOS native mode - aka good enough for most video games - with some caveats.

The drawback - you need to carve out enough disk space for it to boot and run WINOS - 32GB should be enough for a minimum config (because it uses memory paging - this assumes your computer has 8-16GB RAM).

As this is for business - you could install the WINOS partition on an external drive (recommend SSD) which would theoretically increase security (unless you lose the external drive).

Finally, you'll need a LICENSED version of WINOS to create the bootable parallels image or genuine multi boot partition. I installed both the parallels winos image (along with other operating system images) and also created a bootable WINOS partition - for those rare but pesky winos apps that refused to run under parallels. The advantage of having a bootable partition - you can always just reboot the macOS into winos and run it in native mode.

Otherwise - parallels creates something similar to a disk image - so hope you have a LARGE hard drive with lots of space available (AFTER you eat the 32GB drive space for parallels).

After using it for a while - it's rather seamless, other than the extra delay time used to boot or "wake" the WINOS partition. Parallels allows you to "sleep" the WINOS, so it'll restart in its last known booted state, which is convenient. Also beware the infinitude of WINOS updates. Also you'll need WINOS antivirus software, just to be somewhat safer - but most of the major freeware packages should suffice.

This worked well for me until CCB finally ditched the USB dongle security device (which used to catastrophically fail roughly every 3 months) - but that was on a regular consumer/customer account.

Best wishes...hope this helps, as I recall it used to be a major pain to change the registered primary bank tied to a business.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Extra Baggage Fees Domestic

1.5% of the full fare ticket price for domestic flights. But your mileage may vary.


For the record - we just ship extra luggage using any of the delivery companies. SFO if you want higher quality delivery service (aka not kicked and bounced around by gorillas). For clothes - they'll bring one of those ugly green fibrous bags over. If it's breakable or fragile (not glassware) we'll wrap it in bubble wrap, then again in a comforter or towels and clothes, then into Santa's ugly green but surprisingly resilient fiber bag. Cost is typically around any CNY 100-200 for 10-20 kg. Forgot the pricing scale but most of the shipping agents are roughly the same, SFO being somewhat pricier - but infinitely cheaper than shipping by airline...although if you ship say a guitar - you should expect it to arrive in pieces.

If you're not in a particular rush - you can also ship things via China rail - but they're more expensive than the competitive gorilla shipping agents - but great when you need to move a shipping container of possessions.

Be aware because of various lockdowns, shipping services may be somewhat intermittent.


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I was thinking that gokm could maybe get the Kunming Tourism Dept and the KM Metro et al to pay for a professionally illustrated bilingual PDF map and maybe start a series of web articles and videos on things to do and see (and eat) at each station - aside from the major tourism venues.

NHK (Japan) did this about 20 years ago - very popular and interesting series - inspires people to get out, socialize (when it's safe) and support local businesses...or not.

The referenced map was an ANCIENT planning map...hence the hint hint hint hint to the gokm staff - when they have budget and absolutely nothing better to do with their time...

Yereth's map is great as a geographic index - but most high density subway maps (Beijing, Tokyo) go for the symbolic stations shown in the ancient picture I referenced. These things are great as either screensavers, desktop wallpapers, or mobile phone pictures (screensavers, wallpapers) for those who commute within the bellies of these steel dragons.

I used to carry around subway maps on small plastic cards (doubled as my prepaid card) when exploring these cities. Each station had uniquely popular venues for both tourists and long-term locals alike (popular eateries, shopping boutiques, etc).



Standard, clean, well-furnished and appointed mall with the usual fare:
Bread stores, Drink stores, a mid-end Radisson business hotel
The usual mall stores, movie theaters, and a host of after school training schools (robotics, language, dance, art etc).

Evenings are the usual mini-carnival activities for small children - carnival rides, the ubiquitous electric cars, an illuminated water fountain, a host of kiddie games etc etc etc.

Across the street - a scaled down Aegean Mall (also named Aegean Mall).


I occasionally visit the Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel to attend Kunming Rotary Club events. Although I've never stayed in the hotel or viewed its rooms (now on my bucket list) - the food has always been excellent both in presentation, aroma, taste, flavor, etc from appetizers to desserts - with a well-stocked and diverse wine selection - typical of international 5-star hotels. Kudos.


Met a friend after dinner for drinks and chat up on the rooftop patio/bar. Music was a little loud for us - but was surprised at this jewel of a bar. What a nice comfortable place.

I was told the hostel only charges cny40 a night for a shared room bunk bed - can't beat that.

Truly a gem for travelers on a budget and the rooftop bar has a beautiful and memorable sunset view (see the pictures).


Stopped by last night for dinner on the small patio and to pick up a couple of their apple pies. Always attentive and courteous staff and good solid food. Don't forget to check out their freezers for frozen foods like chicken and beef pot pies, pizzas, quiches, cakes etc.


This cafe is actually in the Yunda Green Lake campus and connected to the French Language school operated by Alliance Francais or the French Alliance.

It's mentioned elsewhere that pastries are provided by A Table down the street on Beimen Jie.

Aside from the no-smoking ban (since it's on-campus in Yunda) - it's a nice, quiet, smoke free and pleasant environment to rest, read, and relax for bit - if you happen to be on-campus and can't find a place to sit.