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my dogs are not aggressive so no worries there! Theyre just very large and my younger dog still jumps sometimes because he loves people. He's almost fixed that issue though. I'm glad to hear no one really cares about dogs much, thats how it was when I lived there and I'd hoped it hadn't changed. If dogs aren't allowed in parks, where do people take their dogs to play? I'm not sure walking them on the street where theyre not able to be around any green/areas to play would be the best thing for them. Also whats a xiaoqu? I just rented apartments while living there before but I'm curious about living spaces that are better fit for dogs. I don't remember seeing any houses or apartments with outdoor access.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Owning a large dog in kunming

Hello all,

I see no recent posts about owning dogs in kunming so I thought I'd post asking for an update since the new ban on many large breed dogs was put in place. From my understanding, it has not been enforced unless the dog is causing problems or attacking people. Is this accurate? I have a lab and shepherd mix I plan to bring there. I lived in kunming for two years and my experience was that the city is very dog friendly, but its been 6 years since I was there. I plan to muzzle both my dogs and keep them on short leads just in case. I also heard that parks are no longer as friendly for dog walkers, where are some good areas for dog owners? Is wenlinjie/green lake still a good spot? Lastly, what are some owners experiences in terms of having large dogs in apartments? Mine are well behaved and lazy but they haven't lived in an apartment since they were puppies.

Any info is appreciated! Thank you <3


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Well according to my chinese friends the bans didn't work and everyone still has these large dogs so my point stands. There are bad breeders all over the world, doesn't mean breed bans are effective ways of preventing there from being dangerous dogs due to poor training. Btw, almost any dog that has bad training can be retrained to be good. But whatever, my opinion doesn't even matter anyways. China does as China does and rightly so.

Lemon that's a bunch of false info, i've had dogs people called aggressive my whole life and they're sweet dogs. most people wanna raise dogs well but don't know how. community education programs would be awesome, or having people apply for permits to own these dogs instead of banning. i don't get why the muzzle law wasn't enough, no dog can bite w a muzzle on. china has a right to do as it wishes it just sucks for people like me with a german shepherd service dog, now i have to either live way outside the city or a small town somewhere if i wanna move back. i can't live without my dog.

Dandare, there is nothing particularly dangerous about these dogs. that is why breed bans literally don't work. any dog can be made aggressive if abused. that's why it's important to educate people on how to raise dogs instead of banning breeds. small dogs are actually a lot more aggressive than large breeds.

well guess moving back to kunming isn't an option then. wow. people should be able to apply for permits to own the banned dogs. german shepherds are some of the most docile, family friendly dogs there are.

does anyone have an update on this? did they actually crack down? i'm considering moving back to kunming and have two dogs, one is a gsd mix. i can't risk him being hurt. i considering moving to the outskirts of the city or something



I just got back from this hospital and I was very pleased. I showed up in the middle of the night throwing up uncontrollably and was helped immediately. They diagnosed me and brought me to a very nice room. Cozy, 120 channels and even a little attached bathroom. The place is super clean and I thought the staff was very helpful, although due to me showing up in the middle of the night there was no translators. I speak decent chinese so between that and the doctors using pleco on their phones we were able to communicate just fine. i was put on an IV. The following morning their translator was there and she was incredibly sweet and helpful as well. I would definitely recommend this place if you have anything you need. Its clean, friendly, modern, and in my opinion for all the crap I ended up deciding to do, very reasonably priced. Only thing is that I wish I couldve used my insurance as I am covered through it internationally, but the process was too complicated and i decided to just go the cash route.


Just got back from this place. We paid for a cab out there because it had such good reviews, and to be honest we were a bit disappointed. We are huge indian food fanatics and have had a huge range of authentic indian, and this stuff seemed more like a chinese attempt at indian and for the price wasnt worth it. The naan was dry and so thin and brittle that it was more like crackers. The main dishes were medium sized, but were extremely watered down. The meat was coarse and tough to chew, and the vegetables were not thoroughly cooked. It also took us almost 50 minutes to get our food. their redeeming factor was their veggie samosas; they were delicious and very flavorful. Crunchy outside, soft inside. The staff was also very friendly. Overall, if I were to recommend an indian restaurant, i would recommend Cacaja on wenlinjie instead. We have been there 6+ times and found the food to always be very high quality, and the prices are exactly the same as Saramati. I suppose theres a chance they were training in all new cooks or something at saramati and thats why the food wasnt that good, who knows. I just know I was disappointed for having gone out there when I couldve gone to Cacaja instead, especially since we paid such high prices for low quality food.