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Kunming dog registration required as of August 1, 2019

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Following months of online speculation by pet owners and a spate of similar regulations in other Chinese cities, Kunming law enforcement personnel are now requiring all dog owners to register their animals. A public relations push began July 10, with actual enforcement expected to begin August 1.

The Spring City Evening News reports that if dogs "are not restrained and managed, they will create many social problems", hence the rationale for the registration drive. The article goes on to mention fostering a "civilized" and "harmonious" city wherein citizens, "while enjoying the right to raise dogs, must bear in mind the corresponding social obligations, so as to be responsible not only for the dogs, but also for others and for society." In summation, the article explains:

This rectification [effort] will focus on solving the problems of not registering dogs, not immunizing them properly, not keeping dogs leashed [or otherwise under control], not cleaning up poop, curtailing the illegal breeding and trading of dogs, and reducing the amount of injuries suffered by people.

So, how does the registration process work? Currently there are two ways for dog owners to accomplish this. The first is to call a local veterinary clinic or hospital and ask if they are properly credentialed and can help with registrations. If the answer is 'yes', gather together an official form of identification — passports for foreigners, resident ID, or shenfenzheng (身份证), for Chinese — as well as your latest police household registration slip and proof that all of your dog's vaccinations are up to date.

An official list of 33 dog breeds now effectively banned in the five districts that make up Kunming
An official list of 33 dog breeds now effectively banned in the five districts that make up Kunming

Armed with these documents, the clinic should be able to complete the process for you. Once registration is complete, dog owners will receive a digital copy of their animal's registered status. The other method is to search WeChat for a mini-program called '昆明市养犬服务平台' (Kunming dog support service platform). From there, you can go through an online procedure in Chinese.

The new registration guidelines are applicable to all the central districts comprising Kunming City — Chenggong, Guandu, Panlong, Wuhua and Xishan. However, many other places falling under Kunming's broader jurisdiction — a region stretching from Dongchuan (东川) and Luquan (鹿泉) in the north, to Shilin (石林) and Jinning (晋宁) in the south — will also adopt these requirements. For a complete list of places in Chinese, please follow this link.

People failing to clean up after their dogs in public are now subject to fines ranging between 50 and 200 yuan. If a dog owner fails to produce proper proof of registration when asked for it by a police officer or urban management official, they will be issued a warning. Failure to register the animal in a "timely manner" after the warning will result in a fine of 200 yuan. Further failure to register can lead to the permanent confiscation of the dog in question.

Further regulations bar dogs from Kunming offices, hospitals and non-pet health clinics, schools, dormitories, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, scenic spots, urban parks, public green spaces, theaters, museums, libraries, exhibition halls, stadiums, playgrounds, churches, temples, mosques and other public cultural and entertainment venues.

To all of Kunming's dog owners — of which the author is one — best of luck. From people we've talked to, the registration process at clinics is fairly painless. If you can recommend a specific vet for registration, please leave a note in comments section below.

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What are the fates of current and future stray dogs?

If you have one of those breeds listed above, do they seriously expect you to get rid of it? What a joke! They did this before but I still see those breeds. They should crack down on the sellers?

You're right Liumingke1234.

Kunming dog sellers don't save sick puppies with treatable canine diseases. Puppies that require lengthy medical treatments are deemed unprofitable, subsequently plucked out from the litter to prevent infectious contamination of their cash cow. Quarantined puppies are either euthanized or discarded on to the street, left wailing by themselves to die.

It was a common sight near People's Heroes Monument on Yunrui Road & Guanghua Street.

In worse case scenarios, sellers would disguise pup's illnesses by giving them a booster shot so they'd appear healthy, only to die within a week in the distraught arms of their new owners. Due to lack of accountability, immoral sellers won't take responsibilities when returning customers seek resolution.

Give credit to chengguan for cleaning up the area in recent weeks. Their presence needs to be maintained indefinitely. Once active monitoring & enforcement subsides, sellers would return in droves

My advice is to adopt. Or purchase abandoned dogs/strays from compassionate vets that took liberty of healing.

I agree. So many cruel people in this world.

@Liumingke1234: Unfortunately, banned dogs are banned. In the past banned dogs have been clubbed death on the street by police or who ever is tasked with removing them. You can find videos of this happening if you look for them.

This video is dated but the banned list is up to date.


In my 小区 I've seen two doberman pinchers. One owned by a foreigner who use to drink around Keats school all the time and the other is a Chinese guy. I doubt they are going to get rid of these dogs they've had for years. ''

To GoKunming staffs & animal lovers:

Below is the official "Kunming Stray Animal Rescue Platform" on Weibo:


Pictures and videos constantly updated of rescued dogs/cats up for adoption in Kunming. This non-profit, community platform is useful for those seeking to adopt, or owners who can no longer care for theirs and need to put their pets up for adoption. Please check it out, thank you!

In my xiao qu they said they are planning on having the vet come to have the dogs registered and vaccinated. This will make things easier for the old dogs that can't walk long distances.

They better crack down people smoking in the elevators and kids peeing and shitting on the streets, thic city is a joke

There is more money to be made with fining people with dogs. Now that there are more dog owners this is a fresh new way to make money. Cha-Ching!

Dennis may not fare well in Kunming and in China for that matter. Highly recommend you leave.

does anyone have an update on this? did they actually crack down? i'm considering moving back to kunming and have two dogs, one is a gsd mix. i can't risk him being hurt. i considering moving to the outskirts of the city or something

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