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Forums > Living in Kunming > Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

I'm originally from New York City and the guys there always give

cat calls to the ladies with tight fitting clothes. Especially the pretty ones with big T&A. Some even dispect the women even when they are with their BF or husbands.

So glad I'm no longer living there. I think ladies need to cover up a liitle more these days.

My wife is old fashion and I like that about her among other things.

Thank God here the guys don't do that.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet speed

Na.Na.Na.Na.Na.Na. I know a better VPN and I won't tell you. If I tell you guys then they might shut it down. Na.Na.Na.Na.Na.


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I think the Chinese character here means 'swipe' as in 刷卡(swipe card) though also means 'to brush'. I could be wrong. Anyway, you are absolutely right about people's obsession with Wechat and the need to be on their cellphone 24/7. Horrible times we're living in.


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