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Forums > Living in Kunming > Increased anti-foreigner sentiment?

Cahzriel, may I ask about the people you know who were denied entries and stopped on the street for temperature checks, were they wearing masks? I realize actions were aggressive even if they weren't.

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Coronavirus

Adding to your point on self-protection.

Disinfecting the objects we most often use may be wise. The multipurpose device we can't live without... our smartphones. They have become extensions of our fingers & hands.

According to studies, Covid-19 can live up to 96 hours (four days) on smartphone screen surfaces:

"the virus can also likely live on the surfaces these droplets touch, sometimes for multiple days, says Rudra Channappanavar, an immunologist who has studied coronaviruses at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Glass in particular—like the kind on screen of the smartphone you’re probably reading this on—can harbor live coronaviruses for up to 96 hours, or four days at room temperature."


Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

Geezer, murmurs of U.S. mask prices increasing 10-fold were circulating on Chinese social media grapevine yesterday.

Social psychology AND free market capitalism at work.

That's why timely updates to stay ahead of pack is advantageous. To prepare not just for viruses themselves, but to anticipate public behavior as well as public policies...

true for investing as for epidemics.

For sake of American healthcare providers who may need N95 & hazmat (hazardous material) gears, I hope rationing of masks will soon be enforced in the States to curb potential hoarding there.

Forums > Living in Kunming > European football leagues, Chinese web streaming

If your TV is equipped w/ smart camera, don't tune in to announcer Chen Wensen while sporting a yellow hard hat as show of team solidarity.

Too soon?

Well done Haali. After a few games inform us how well EPL live streams on your TV.

Feel free to invite me over for free, daily technical support. I'll bring beer.


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Great piece by good man Jim. He is like the fabled garuda that soars back into time. The wind horse lungta that strides into town to greet villagers with blessings of goodwill.

Although Shangri-la old town burned down five years ago, replaced by less traditional, tourist-friendly infrastructures... at least one disillusioned townsfolk who survived the carnage, but lost everything, returned to reopen shop in the newly renovated building. He does so out of love of sharing ancestral handicrafts to the world. To preserve their cultural heritage from the burned ashes. Authenticity remains in spirit... in the people, and in their stories.

Inside the belly of the tiger god, the Buddha calmly speaks.

Restraint is not a sign of weakness. Compassion is true strength. By showing compassion to your perceived enemies, they may become your friends. Lacking compassion, your friends may turn into your enemies.

On that note, the Tiger lies down to unclench its jaws, whereupon releasing the Buddha.

Buddha slowly walks out. He turns to the beast and speaks the following:

When you subdue an opponent, a thousand more are still to be overcome. Instead, crush your negative emotions, or samsara, which are enemies dwelling in your mind.

The prostrating tiger nods in understanding. The Buddha bows back.

The Buddha and Yunnan Tiger God walk their separate paths.

The tiger turns for final glimpse of the enlightened one, only to find an empty road ahead. The tiger realizes that echoing conversation manifested in own awakened mind. Buddhahood permeates the tiger, and to all living beings it encounters henceforth.

dolphin, connecting the Dharma teachings of the Buddha to pastries is apropos.

Lets do a thought experiment where Siddhartha Gautama sits down at Igor's.

The awakened one is served a croissant. At the moment of immersing in this pastry, like sitting beside the death bed of a dying elder or a woman giving birth to a child, the Buddha is only focused on what is in front. Be it bitter, sweet, or bittersweet.

The sound of his teeth breaking the layers of crispy, lamented crust is what his mind would be completely focused on. Not the thought of comparing this croissant with those of Just Hot, but tasting the buttery, crisp texture in his mouth without dwelling in the past.

Nor the thoughts of which monasteries to visit afterwards, but the smell of the sweet aroma permeating the cafe., or the rich scent of coffee brewing behind the counter.

That is original teachings of the Buddha. Not just chanting mantras or burning incense. But to embrace suffering as you would the pastries of life in the present moment.

All of us can be enlightened to this state of mind. Awaken the Buddha nature within ourselves while simply eating pastries.

If any Rinpoche members exist in the Mosuo community, they should periodically remind the townsfolk.that rituals of burning incense are opportunities to ground oneself in the here and now, rather than diverting that focus to worshiping or pleasing a deity.

Sacredness reside in oneself, of those beside you, and of the surrounding nature.


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