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Rain Rain Rain

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

You sound so cynical Kiwi. Of course it is the government's credit. They are in 100% control of everything that happens or don't happen within and without China. If they commanded it rain than it shall rain. If they want N. Korea to have nuke then nukes they shall have. If they wish the evil greedy, money loving, power craving, human rights violating capitalist pig that is America to cease to exist....well, they're still working on that one.

They, of course will come out and said the rain was the result of their diligent cloud seeding effort in order to serve the people, help the plight of the peasants, and in general bring about a "harmonious society" by applying the principals set out in the "Three Representatives" and following the righteousness of the "Scientific Development" and the unwavering morals of Mao and Deng...

Which brings about the question of, why did they let the drought happen in the first place? And why let it last so long? And why wait until the crops failed before they decided to take action to bring about the rain?

When hard pressed for answers...of course, it's those dastardly Americans, they are the ones behind this. It is a conspiracy lead by the Americans of the developed countries to undermine the legitimate authorities of the Central Party Committee members whom were legally voted in by the vast number of illiterate, uneducated farmers in the countryside who were told for whom to vote for and the middle-class who wish to perpetuate the system in which they are the beneficiaries and enjoy the fruits of the labors of the said fellow countrymen.

The Americans wish to undermine and deny the rightful place of the Chinese people and their representative government in the world stage because they are fearful and in awe of their glorious 5000 years of history when compared to their own 200+ years.

We shall deal with this insult by supporting corrupt bloody regimes in Africa, claim Taiwan as an sovereign territory despite the fact the PLA has never set foot on it, and by continuing to purchase American T-Bills thereby making them lazy and fat, thus unable to resist the eventual liberation of the American people from the oppressive regime that is democracy.

I am, of course, being facetious. ..enjoy the rain while it lasts.

LaChris (5 posts) • 0

Well... Ahem...
According to China Daily - the government has actually taking credits for the rain...

They say it was a great success and they will continue their success for the next 10 days ;)
It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with nature...!

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

My co-worker told me it was the government as well. He is normally not so gullible.

I guess when you confess to having fired hundreds of rockets away over a period of several months you are bound to get coincidental rain at some point. Personally I am amazed they managed to produce a thunderstorm as well. That's obviously some brand new secret Chinese technology at work.

Ricci (8 posts) • 0

Quote: "They say it was a great success and they will continue their success for the next 10 days ;)"

hmm, it's not raining now and the sun is shinning. Must be some new tactic from the chinese gvmt. I think they call it invisible rain. Or maybe they were able to infiltrate my brain and make me think the sun is shinnning, while it is actualy raining, yes that must be it...

Are there realy people out there believing that kind of stuff the chinese govmt is saying?

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

When the government controls all the media outlets and determines what information you can get access to since the moment you are born, you are left with no choice but to believe what the government want you to believe. This is why the central authority is so afraid of the internet and Google.

Think back to Plato's Republic and the Allegory of the Cave.

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