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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tiger leaping gorge hike with kids

We just took our staff of 40 there (with one employee's 3 year old daughter who hiked most of it herself and loved it) and we had some of the same concerns. Things have changed but the high road is still well worth it and the hike down from Tina's to the middle gorge rapid is too. Guesthouses have turned into proper hotels which sucks from the side of seeing a beautiful place go through dramatic change but really convenient if you have kids and crave internet and hot water showers. Still one of Yunnan's highlights. I just hope you get some sunshine as it's not nearly as nice in the clouds

Forums > Food & Drink > Salvador's holiday closing?

Hey Coastalfire,

We will be open at both locations for the holidays, but we will close early on the 4th, Mid-Autumn Festival, for our annual staff dinner.

We will be closed November 6-10 for a staff trip to Tiger Leaping Gorge.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Warning to E-Bike Riders

i would put the 500 yuan fine somewhere closer to hearsay. but a delivery guy was fined 500 yuan in front of dicos last week. as far as retrieving taken scooters you will need to go to the chenguan location responsible for whichever part of kunming the scooter was taken from. so if it was wuhua qu then you need to go to the wuhua chenguan. at least that's what i've been told.


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Hey all. Big thanks to everyone who showed up last night. It was an amazing event. Thanks also to Juliette and Matu at DT Bar who made it all possible. Thanks to Dr. Detrano for being the one out there on the ground saving lives. Thanks to all the bands last night and Jeff for helping emcee.

Though we didn't have as many big donors as last year, the event itself broke all previous records. Thanks to all the vendors who raised about 13,000. Thanks to all the tickets sales volunteers who brought close to 18,000. Thanks to the super generous people who won their auctions and raised another 7,600 and to all the local businesses who donated all the awesome prizes. And to all the donors who gave cash donations nearing 15,000. In all we've raised over 53,000 so far but there are still donations coming in. If you would like to contribute online follow this link, or if the link doesn't show up you can find it in the story above...[...]

Hey all, I'm very sorry to have forgotten to include Valhalla Craft Beer's generous donation of a keg of their beer that will also be poured at the event tomorrow with all proceeds going to the fundraising effort. Thank you, Valhalla, and thank you for all the efforts and donations from all these great businesses in Kunming like Valhalla.



I'm leaving this review for one of my staff. She just return from Dali and fell in love with this little restaurant in Dali. Very nice owners cooking up delicious and healthy Chinese cuisine with an open kitchen and local "organic" ingredients. I'll have to try it out myself next time.


If you're looking for a slightly higher end place serving local foods in a nice outdoor atmosphere, you'll dig this place


I'm disappointed in myself for even considering giving this place another chance. I wanted to give my 4-month old a chance to see some live animals and I was sure that there was no way that the Kunming Zoo was as bad as it was 15 years ago. Somehow it was worse. It's disgraceful that with all of the changes that this city has undergone in the last two decades that this zoo still lacks any sense of decency or morality.


At nailer and tallamerican, I'm sorry to hear about your recent experiences. We wash everything with purified water and make all of our food fresh daily from whole ingredients in order to avoid any problems. We will review our procedures to assure that we continue to provide the safest and healthiest menu options possible. I hope you'll give us another try and I'd be happy to buy you a coffee if you are around any morning.

@GoKunming, it would be nice if there was a zero star option for reviews so that business owners can contribute without having to rate ourselves. I kind of feel like a d-bag giving myself stars 1-5. For some reason I settled on 4 as the least douchey ;).