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Forums > Food & Drink > Best Pizza in Kunming

Hey all, Salvador's pizza is now available on our main Meituan menu for delivery throughout the city. So now you can get items from Salvador's Coffee House, Salvador's Loft and the new Salvador's Mosaic Bistro all in one order.

We have just opened the doors to the new place on Wenlin Jie (the old French Cafe) and have a small menu to start with as we grow into the space. Come check us out if you're looking for a new spot to hang out.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Raccoon dog

about 12 years ago we had an apartment with a deck and a few times one of these showed up and terrorized our dog. my guess is they are escaped pets as wild ones wouldn't survive very long.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Salvador's closed today?

Sorry to use an old thread, but I wanted to give people a head's up that Salvador's will close July 30th through August 1st for some small renovations. We will still be open across the street at the Loft and the Meituan orders should still flow fine. The spice must flow! Also, starting August 2nd, our new opening hours will be 9am to 11pm. Cheers

730 81 萨尔瓦多咖啡馆要关门, 很抱歉给您带来不便萨尔瓦多阁楼还会营业82日开始我们新营业时间是上午9点到晚上11


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what a shit show, eh? big thanks to gokunming and all of you for making this site a reliable place to get reasonable information. you've done a great job.

for now, both salvador's coffee house and mosaic bistro are still open. we have also put our meituan shop back up online for those of you at home wondering if you should go outside or not.



I'm leaving this review for one of my staff. She just return from Dali and fell in love with this little restaurant in Dali. Very nice owners cooking up delicious and healthy Chinese cuisine with an open kitchen and local "organic" ingredients. I'll have to try it out myself next time.


If you're looking for a slightly higher end place serving local foods in a nice outdoor atmosphere, you'll dig this place


I'm disappointed in myself for even considering giving this place another chance. I wanted to give my 4-month old a chance to see some live animals and I was sure that there was no way that the Kunming Zoo was as bad as it was 15 years ago. Somehow it was worse. It's disgraceful that with all of the changes that this city has undergone in the last two decades that this zoo still lacks any sense of decency or morality.


At nailer and tallamerican, I'm sorry to hear about your recent experiences. We wash everything with purified water and make all of our food fresh daily from whole ingredients in order to avoid any problems. We will review our procedures to assure that we continue to provide the safest and healthiest menu options possible. I hope you'll give us another try and I'd be happy to buy you a coffee if you are around any morning.

@GoKunming, it would be nice if there was a zero star option for reviews so that business owners can contribute without having to rate ourselves. I kind of feel like a d-bag giving myself stars 1-5. For some reason I settled on 4 as the least douchey ;).