European-style deli.

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  • NameChef's Choice
  • AddressBeijing Lu, Basement 1 of VC Park, Shop 0078, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65655520
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Chef's Choice • Beijing Lu, Basement 1 of VC Park, Shop 0078

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Good selection of deli for its size, but terrible terrible service.

After telling the lady what I wanted from the display fridge, she left in the middle to attend a customer who arrived after, but was ready to pay. Similar thing happened after I selected a few items from the shelves and went to the register to pay: She got distracted and just left to attend another customer who started asking questions and they went on for 5 minutes before that customer decided on what to buy. And then? The lady decided to take the other customer's items while mine were still lying there! A disappointing 15 minute process that would have taken 10 with a grocery list at Metro next door. 1 star for the items that finally got checked out, because they were tasty.


Sandra is a fabulous cook, and while this place will continue to grow and offer more products, I believe in supporting it to support Sandra, and what she does for Kunming.


I love that place! Their food selection is getting better and better. Today they had a great selection of different cheeses. Ok, I could not buy them all but the one I did buy was really delicious. There is also a choice of cold cuts, ham, bacon and imported steaks....Hope they can get more of these Christmas cookies! 5 Stars!


Slight unrated update here... I was in again and spoke to Sandra's partner, and he agreed there could be a greater selection of items (especially meat/cheese-wise) so he mentioned that several new products would be coming out shortly. So, not to say that dudeson's review was inaccurate (given his description, it's an entirely fair assessment from his experience), but mostly just to report that there should be some things worth going back to try.


Sorry this probably belongs into the forum section...But just to clarify and thanks to overrated reviews I went to CC with high expectations to get some delicacies, I wanted to surprise my wife with a delicacy and there was absolutely nothing that Parkson, Metro or Carrefour don't have.I don't like Chorizo so there has to be more than just that to make me give 5 stars.Plus I already gave them 3 stars, for the very positive things I experienced.There are no products that other shops don't offer, except if their products are home made but I didn't see any labels stating it's organic or home made.For the cold cuts I found as well as the cheeses are all (or most) available at other stores.I didn't know that they make sandwiches and I will give that a try especially knowing that Sandra is involved in the making which usually leads to a yummy tummy.But again as delicacy shop it's very unimpressive and as stated before I believe it will get better. So I am not bashing it but trying to help the owners to give some ideas not just applause because I like Sandra's food...which I do.So I recommend to give realistic reviews. 5 stars just because you like one item there will just disappoint potential CC patrons that are not going for Sandwiches or Chorizo.It's a shop with tons of potential and I will come back to try the Sandwich and see what else they will have in future. But giving more than 3 stars for what I saw wouldn't be fair.