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Forums > Study > learning Chinese from the beginning..

Pleco is excellent. Been using it for over 10 years.

Try www.daydayupchinese.com

It is a work in progress with 81 lessons online. Also has MP3 files for pronunciation help.

Alien is quite right. My trips to the wet market was fun, bargaining, arguing, joking with the ladies over prices. You also get to experience local speakers accents and dialects.

BTW Pleco on your mobile can be very useful but do realize many people in the wet market can't read much.

Forums > Living in Kunming > tourist visa PSB

Alien, I agree the process is painless. Never had a problem showing up on Monday or even a day or two late.

In fact, the ladies that do the registration get to know you so it is all smiles, then you wait a few minutes. Then they give you your passport and the Registration Voucher and you say 好好好的, with profuse 谢谢谢谢,再见,再见! A big smile helps too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What are they spraying in the air?

Back in the day, tanker trucks would pump water out of the sewers to be used for watering roadside trees and plants. Maybe even washing down streets. You will notice Chinese are desperate to avoid contact with water sprayed by trucks.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming > Macau

When I had to go to Hong Kong, I would fly to Zhuhai, stay in a much cheaper hotel, and go to HK by ferry for the day. Macau is just a walk across the border.

It seemed to be cheaper but I had friends and clients in HK, Zhuhai and Macau who booked flights and hotels for me with good discounts. Not sure about costs these days. Zhuhai airport is a bit out of town but a shuttle bus met the flights. Not sure about costs these days.


No results found.


China and Afghanistan share a short border on an ancient trade route. China has closed the border and is resisting Afghanistan's requests to reopen it. Related to the Uighur problem it is said.

Try Yingjiang Daiweiyuan, 盈江傣味园.

昆明翠湖北路66 66 Cuihu N Rd,

This was my favorite Dai place in the Green Lake area, in the north side of the street across from the park. The place fills up quickly for dinner so go early. Never had Ghost Chicken there but everything was excellent.

My guess is that lowering poverty to zero is asymptotical because people are involved. As long as China maintains a $1 per day poverty line, the statistical eradication of poverty will always be impressive. If China adopts The World Bank $1.90 per day there would be a whole lot more people in poverty. Clearly that statistic would not be welcome.

I am not sure what "economic justice" is. Perhaps everyone that has less than someone else is a victim of unfair "economic justice." I suspect, however, that there is no such thing as quantifiable "economic justice" and the term will become an arrow in the social justice warrior's quiver in the struggle for equaity.

A recent tweet on twitter (complete and unedited):

"white women also owe women of color money. this is part of economic justice and justice in general. seeking the economic liberation of all women and the end of capitalism and patriarchy demands white women's accountability. this is possible. not neat or simple, but possible."

34 years ago, when entered China, China was a poor country with most people living under the $1.00 per day poverty line. The 100's of millions of people raised out of poverty in China reflect improvement to above that line. I leave it to you as to how realistic $1 per day is.

Since 2008, $1.25 has been used as the global line. As of October 2015, the global poverty line was updated to $1.90. It seems China is holding the long outdated $1 which is a lower hurdle.

I cringe when I hear of relocation schemes that move poor uneducated unskilled people, living at a centuries old subsistence level, being uprooted and forced into a cash economy. Incomes may rise a few yuan per day so fewer are "counted as poor" while the now "not poor" work at low wages. Real poverty exists in urban areas too.



Samoana is closed and the business is for sale. Contact numbers are posted on the door.

Good Luck Ruth and Troy and all the good folk that worked there.


Saw tigertiger's review and realized I hadn't stopped at Paul's Shop in a few months. Walked into Paul's with nothing in mind to buy. Walked out after spending 250 yuan.

Bought stuff not usually found in Kunming. I'll be checking Paul's much more often in the future.


Good for quality, but pricey, hand tools.

Be aware they will push whatever they are selling. Some of the staff have no idea about the technical side of appliances.

I went there to buy a stove. I repeatedly told them I would be using bottled gas. They sold me a stove. When I went to my local gas guy, I learned there are at least three kinds of gas sold. Luckily, B&Q did not deliver as promised. I went back to the store and discovered they had sold me a stove they needed to be hooked up to the gas main. I got my money back.

The sales lady was almost in tears, 没有问题!I don't know if it a safety or design issue, but I would think B&Q would know and care.


Last week had an 8:45am flight.

Subway starts at 9am. I have no idea where to catch an airport express bus. Eight taxis refused to go to the airport. After almost an hour standing on Beijing Lu took a black taxi, this dude drives slower than my mother, 120 yuan.

Flight back was delayed so I learned the subway stops running at 6:10pm.

Getting a taxi back was easy, more taxis than customers. Taxi was 87 yuan including 1o yuan toll, airport to Beichen area. Yes, he took a longer route than necessary.

Kunming imagines being a gateway for international travelers. New airport but hard to get to and from it.

World Class Airport, NOT!


Tonight "Peacock", a performance by Yang Liping (杨丽萍), to begin her world tour, 8pm, 100-1680 yuan at Yunna Haigeng Auditorium.

Saw this lady perform at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, in California, in 1995. Quite a good and interesting show.

I'm going to try to make it.