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Mountain collapse kills two, destroys vineyards

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Yesterday, A large-scale mountain collapse killed two people in Yiliang County, located in disaster-ridden Zhaotong Prefecture. About 25,000 cubic meters of rock collapsed and crushed several vehicles, a house, a winery and a farm in their wake.

Zhaotong Prefecture has recently been hit by an earthquake and severe flooding. In 2012, Yiliang county lost 18 schoolchildren when a landslide buried a school building.

Image: Fabio Nodari

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Used to drive out to Yiliang for roast duck with friends. Enjoyed the ride and the duck.

Not sure if the duck enjoyed it as well...................

Geez, that is a different Yiliang, The 宜良 famous for roast duck near kunming is different than the 彝良 in Zhaotong.

The picture looks like Yiliang the duck place with these high rises and motorway.

@Sean1 Thanks

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