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Forums > Food & Drink > Free Boston Lobster and dollar abalone

Trying to figure out what a "Boston lobster" is. I grew up near Boston and sold lobster in a market when I was in high school. We just called them "lobsters," or "Maine lobsters" no matter when they were caught.

The Boston Lobster Company exports lobsters to China. As they can be caught from Massachusetts to Canada they are actually "North American lobster." The state of Maine insists they can't be called Maine lobsters unless caught in Maine waters.

Oh, the best tasting size is about .6 to .7Kg. Make sure they are live. Boiled is okay but I prefer them baked, stuffed with crumbed Ritz crackers soaked in butter.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

As one who has sparred with Alien/Ishmael and disagreed with his tendency to exert control in these forums, I am deeply disappointed with his banning. I guess as an American I tend to expect a persons opinions and comments to be subject to argument but not to be silenced.

I understand the need for some moderation and the need to suppress bad actors (not sure what that is exactly), I think being banned for persisting in discussing arbitrary rules is a bit over the top.

While aware that many folk have the urge to be the Nanny and continually correct others as if they were errant children. There is a danger such urges devolve as intolerance grows.

I often disagree with Alien/Ishmael but he has a right to his opinions no matter how misguided they are.

So Vera, as the GoK Nanny, I ask if you are moderating behavior or suppressing dissent? I know we as "customers" we have no rights, I just hope your power is tempered with understanding and tolerance.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Transferring money into China

@tigertiger: Excellent post and a really good way to think about the realities of property ownership in China.

I would also add two more factors which always will remain uncontrollable: 1) the ever changing visa issue and, 2) the relationship between your home country and China.


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Many years ago in Beijing on a very cold and windy winter day, I had to go to 中关村 (zhongguancun) to buy some camera stuff to take on Spring Festival. Walking out of the campus I ran into a student who was going there as well so I invited him to join me in the taxi ride. For some reason we could not get closer than 3-4 blocks to destination and were left with a walk facing North into the biting wind. No problem as my student turned guide and led me into a building and down stairs deep underground. We walked through huge underground rooms with high ceilings. I was amazed so the student took me down another level as we walked North,

My guess, after checking a map, was the we walked about 700 meters and the voids were about 80-100 meters wide. My guide told me this was a bomb shelter.

A few years later, these spaces were, in true Chinese style, were bustling with businesses. All partitions and fixtures were movable and temporary so it wouldn't take but minutes to restore most of the empty space. In some areas, escalators descended and rose and it seemed as if the buildings above expanded downward. In other areas, the huge void spaces remained empty.

Clearly a plan was in effect. I have no idea what it was and I had no interest in asking questions.

@bilingualexpat Thanks. My first trip into China was in 1984. Didn't get to Kunming in those days and probably wasn't allowed to go. Today's Chinese kids should see these photos. I am fortunate to have witnessed China's progress over 30 years.

While this is nothing new, having it called out is.

A dozen years ago, while wandering around Hainan taking photos, I took photos of a factory spewing pollution into the air. Back in Beijing I mentioned this to a friend who was an official at the old Ministry of Environmental Protection. She said "There are no factories in Hainan." When I told her I had photos, she shook her head and repeated, "There are no factories in Hainan," adding, "There can't be any pollution in Hainan."

Problem solved, I guess.



Samoana is closed and the business is for sale. Contact numbers are posted on the door.

Good Luck Ruth and Troy and all the good folk that worked there.


Good for quality, but pricey, hand tools.

Be aware they will push whatever they are selling. Some of the staff have no idea about the technical side of appliances.

I went there to buy a stove. I repeatedly told them I would be using bottled gas. They sold me a stove. When I went to my local gas guy, I learned there are at least three kinds of gas sold. Luckily, B&Q did not deliver as promised. I went back to the store and discovered they had sold me a stove they needed to be hooked up to the gas main. I got my money back.

The sales lady was almost in tears, 没有问题!I don't know if it a safety or design issue, but I would think B&Q would know and care.


Last week had an 8:45am flight.

Subway starts at 9am. I have no idea where to catch an airport express bus. Eight taxis refused to go to the airport. After almost an hour standing on Beijing Lu took a black taxi, this dude drives slower than my mother, 120 yuan.

Flight back was delayed so I learned the subway stops running at 6:10pm.

Getting a taxi back was easy, more taxis than customers. Taxi was 87 yuan including 1o yuan toll, airport to Beichen area. Yes, he took a longer route than necessary.

Kunming imagines being a gateway for international travelers. New airport but hard to get to and from it.

World Class Airport, NOT!


Tonight "Peacock", a performance by Yang Liping (杨丽萍), to begin her world tour, 8pm, 100-1680 yuan at Yunna Haigeng Auditorium.

Saw this lady perform at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, in California, in 1995. Quite a good and interesting show.

I'm going to try to make it.


Not so good. Kimchi had a very sour taste. Other food was nothing to brag about. I don't think I would go back.