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YerethYereth (110 posts) • +1

Recently we added a new feature where any user can add listings to the website. Feel free to add your own business, help a friend or add your favorite venue. If there's missing cities you would like to notify us of, get in touch with us through the contact form and we'll make sure they get added asap.


We're working on other new functionality as well. Soon, anyone can use Facebook, LinkedIn and Google accounts to login to the website. An updated homepage is also in the making, so stay tuned. Leave a comment in this forum thread for any other feature requests!

michael2015 (784 posts) • 0

Yereth. Thanks for the info. Might want to check with the listing owners before you post.

1. It helps the owners understand potential sudden influxes of traffic from gokm referrals.

2. it's courteous.

Also - might want to add a note on foreign language friendly (EN, FR, JP, etc).

YerethYereth (110 posts) • 0

@Michael Good point. I would like to add that all listings will be approved by moderators before they go live. We do our best to verify the validity of the information and will indeed reach out to business owners when we have that option.

Listing information can be entered in Chinese as well, but the website still focusses mainly on offering information in English for now.

michael2015 (784 posts) • 0

Yereth - thanks for clarification - actually - I meant the POSTERS might want to get permission first...as a courtesy to the business owners.

b galipeau (48 posts) • +4

Slightly unrelated question, but why does it seem like GoKunming publishes so few articles and features now?

It used to be several per week now it's only maybe a couple per month.

I'm guessing maybe coronavirus restrictions making it harder to visit places to write about them?

Still seems like even with that we could read more about things and life going on around town in Kunming? Just curious about this change as it was a major draw to the website for me in the past.

YerethYereth (110 posts) • 0

@galipeau Indeed less articles recently, but several coming up soon!

Meanwhile, we just introduced Facebook, LinkedIn and Google logins to make it easier to register an account and add listings, events, classifieds ads, and participate in the forums.

Classifieds now allow for an image to be added and job classified ads can now include salary information.

There's more updates coming, and we're always happy to get further input / requests from our regular and new users!

YerethYereth (110 posts) • 0

Thanks jj! We'll keep working on new features and functionality. Feel free to let us know if you have any special requests!

YerethYereth (110 posts) • 0

We just launched nominations for the Best of Kunming Awards 2020-2021. This year you can go straight to the listings page of your choice and click "nominate" to allow your favorite establishments to participate. Official voting will start January 8!

YerethYereth (110 posts) • 0

Recently we've been slowly adding support for a Chinese language version of GoKunming. A few days ago we decided to add a language switch to the website that allows you to switch to Chinese.

We also automatically detect your computer's language setup (this is information sent by the browser) and switch to Chinese when that's the preferred user language.

A part of the website is not yet translated to Chinese and of course there's content such as articles and forums that will remain in their original language.

I also would like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone has successfully set up WeChat login for mobile websites (when opened inside of WeChat)? If so, it would be greatly appreciated to get a bit of guidance.

Thanks in advance!

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