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YerethYereth (107 posts) • +1

We have recently added a few small features and updates to the website. Below this post you can now see related forums, and we just added support for emoticons in the forums and conversations (private messages) sections of the website. You'll need to use the built-in emoticon selector on your device for now, but it appears to work as expected. ?

There's been quite a bit of talk about us putting out very little content these days. We're currently still in the process of selecting a suitable editor to join the team, but we expect to soon return to olden times when frequent articles were the standard.

Thanks everyone for your support and patience!

b galipeau (48 posts) • +1

Almost a year now since there was supposed to be more newly published content. Will this still ever happen again?

debaser (647 posts) • 0

I hope you're right @livinginchina. I wish I shared your optimism. GoKunming was a lifeline for me when I arrived. Personally, I can't see that it will ever be its old self again and I wonder if there's now a single place to get up-to-date snd trustworthy information. The Facebook groups are okay I guess but I pity anyone that relies on them.

livinginchina (231 posts) • +1

GoKunming is not the only game in town anymore. There are WeChat groups and other ways to get the information you want. Actually GoKunming is usually late to post information on what's happening. Even the replies from posters get unanswered for a long period of time if not at all.

b galipeau (48 posts) • +2

But that's the whole problem @livingichina, GoKunming was the best game in town but there just seems to be no motivation to return to that now.

WeChat groups don't provide one central hub of information which this website and its various accounts used to provide.

It's also not just about information for events and such but also good English language news and updates as well as cultural/travel writing which was quite rich for many many years.

Geezer (1953 posts) • +1

Sadly I have to agree with livinginchina.

GoK was once lively, contentious, at times abusive but also interesting, entertaining and always informative. The goal of harmony resulted in policy of forced moderation and eventual censorship. Only approved opinions and discourse was allowed. As the hand on the tiller grew heavier, GoK lost the wind.

Sorry for getting nautical but I bought a home less than a kilometer from the ocean in California and have been relaxing, enjoying my dotage, sailing, and the Kunming like weather here. I miss China and Kunming. American food is boring.


fabey (107 posts) • 0

GoK is in a way the sail carried by the wind. Wind is not created independently, but by the top down pressures and temperatures of its surrounding.

Steering the sail admist the storm requires patience. Comrades have fallen off the dinghy. Some have drifted back on deck. Those remaining are still afloat, adapting to the ever-changing tides.

As Darwin would attest, survival of the fittest isn't necessarily being the smartest, strongest, or fastest... but ones most adaptive to changes in the environment, as the word fit would imply.

Geezer, we're glad you're living the Shawshank Redemption storybook ending.

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