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Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming new features and functionality

But that's the whole problem @livingichina, GoKunming was the best game in town but there just seems to be no motivation to return to that now.

WeChat groups don't provide one central hub of information which this website and its various accounts used to provide.

It's also not just about information for events and such but also good English language news and updates as well as cultural/travel writing which was quite rich for many many years.

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

@ ja yi this goes with my thread a little while back about GoKunming rarely publishing any articles or news anymore.

Last year at the start of the pandemic they were great with updates and communicating everything going on, now there's almost nothing ever published or written about anything.

This aspect of the website has gone downhill considerably.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What happened to GoKunming articles?

@DanDare I knew about Patrick leaving but didn't know that Vera also left more recently.

I guess with borders still closed maybe it's harder finding anyone to take up the job?

Hope they do eventually find someone since as Ocean mentioned articles were always a major highlight of the website since way back when Chris and and Matthew were running things. GoKM admins, any updates on the status of things?

Forums > Living in Kunming > What happened to GoKunming articles?

GoKunming used to regularly publish several articles per week on happenings around the city, travel, life in Yunnan etc?

What happened?

Now's it's no more than a few per month?

Why no coverage for instance regarding the migrant elephant herd?

The recent earthquake in Dali?

This aspect of the website has really declined.


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Great article but there is a location inaccuracy. Benzilan is not in Sichuan but rather still in Yunnan just across the Jinsha River from Sichuan. The town on the Sichuan side is Derong.

No worries, its original pre-fire incarnation was my watering hole for many years along with the new one, so I'm a bit nostalgic over that place and what Jason and Joel have going now. I can say for sure that last year over the summer there seemed to be a general rumor across the tourism circuit in Yunnan in places like Dali and Lijiang where everyone was being told that Shangri-La was indeed completely burned down and not to go there. This is what many tourists who did actually come up would say people in other towns had told them. It's too bad these rumors seem to still be persisting; it didn't all burn down and now the reconstruction is essentially finished. The cold in the winter has always kept it a seasonal place though, everything shuts down in the winter. Which is why I've always liked the town so much because it always maintains a quaint atmosphere that Lijiang and Dali don't really have anymore.


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