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Forums > Living in Kunming > Be aware of KCEL!

Pretty disappointed with huayang right now. I have emergency surgery that needs to happen and told huayang id miss some class, and they told me the psb wont help because ive been in my home country too long. They said my visa will most likely be cancelled or ill be deported if i get the surgery and miss class. Seems to me they really dont care about their students.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Student Visa Crackdown

Huayang is the school that we are going to attend. I did a psb interview, it was laughable to call what we did an interview. I was expecting some list of questions but after I spoke Chinese with the interviewing officer for a couple minutes, he smiled and cleared us without any questions. We were just a couple of friendly people who want to study the language and that was enough.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Air Quality!!! Kunming Not So Good.

Its really bad out there. I live on wenhua xiang and looking out the window, i can barely see buildings more than a few blocks away. The hills which i can normally see very clearly are gone. Ive never seen it this bad before in my year of living here.

Forums > Food & Drink > What types of oils in the jugs of here?

Ive been here for awhile, but I still cant establish what kinds of oil the jugs of cooking oil consist of. You know the huge cartons with the yellowish colored oil for cooking? I cant read chinese well enough yet to be able to read the ingredients. Is it sunflower oil or palm oil or something?


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The numbers for these places really need to be updated. All of them are disconnected and Itd be really nice to be able to get delivery once in awhile.

There has been a few times that I have tried to get somewhere only a few kilometers away and ended up having to walk the entire way. Buying a car or ebike isn't practical for many people, especially expats here only for a few months. Its so frustrating when 4 or so empty cabs drive straight past you. They need to enforce the laws in place, and I agree with the idea of inspectors. Place them randomly around the city, you wouldn't even need very many of them. Even just a few might be enough to scare drivers into changing up shift times or to stop for people who are obviously trying to waive them down.



I just got back from this hospital and I was very pleased. I showed up in the middle of the night throwing up uncontrollably and was helped immediately. They diagnosed me and brought me to a very nice room. Cozy, 120 channels and even a little attached bathroom. The place is super clean and I thought the staff was very helpful, although due to me showing up in the middle of the night there was no translators. I speak decent chinese so between that and the doctors using pleco on their phones we were able to communicate just fine. i was put on an IV. The following morning their translator was there and she was incredibly sweet and helpful as well. I would definitely recommend this place if you have anything you need. Its clean, friendly, modern, and in my opinion for all the crap I ended up deciding to do, very reasonably priced. Only thing is that I wish I couldve used my insurance as I am covered through it internationally, but the process was too complicated and i decided to just go the cash route.


Just got back from this place. We paid for a cab out there because it had such good reviews, and to be honest we were a bit disappointed. We are huge indian food fanatics and have had a huge range of authentic indian, and this stuff seemed more like a chinese attempt at indian and for the price wasnt worth it. The naan was dry and so thin and brittle that it was more like crackers. The main dishes were medium sized, but were extremely watered down. The meat was coarse and tough to chew, and the vegetables were not thoroughly cooked. It also took us almost 50 minutes to get our food. their redeeming factor was their veggie samosas; they were delicious and very flavorful. Crunchy outside, soft inside. The staff was also very friendly. Overall, if I were to recommend an indian restaurant, i would recommend Cacaja on wenlinjie instead. We have been there 6+ times and found the food to always be very high quality, and the prices are exactly the same as Saramati. I suppose theres a chance they were training in all new cooks or something at saramati and thats why the food wasnt that good, who knows. I just know I was disappointed for having gone out there when I couldve gone to Cacaja instead, especially since we paid such high prices for low quality food.