Yunnan Richland Hospital,founded in April, 2007 and with Canadian capital injection, is the first international general hospital in Yunnan Province. Richland was accredited by Joint Commission International in 2015, becoming the first general hospital with this accreditation in Southwestern China, and was reaccredited in its triennial survey in 2018.

Featured by holistic medical etiology seeking and treatment, Richland brings the international leading management philosophy of private doctor and lifecycle health in to provide outpatient, inpatient, surgery, general checkup, health management, domestic consultation, remote international consultation and other medical services.We currently have a medical group consisting of 800 domestic and overseas experts over all medical fields, and all inspection and labortatory equipments in Richland are imported.

Holistic Medicine Center
-Etiology seeking
-Integrated TCM and western medicine therapy
-Private Doctor
-Life-cycle Management

General Medical Service
-Internal Medicine Department
-Surgery Department
-Pediatric Department
-Gynecology Department
-Obstetric Department
-Stomatology Department
-Dermatology Department
-Ophthalmology Department
-Child Healthcare Department
-Cosmetic Surgery
-Multidisciplinary Specialist Consultation

General Checkup Center
-Individual Checkup/Group Checkup
-Checkup reports interpretation
-Health Management

International Insurance Cover
Richland has currently been in cooperation with 28 international insurance companies involving

International SOS, Global Doctor, Cigna, MSH, Covermore, Europe-Assistance, etc.(Click for more information)

Other Service
Language service(English&Korean), free parking, privacy protection, overseas visit appointment making, medical transfering and escort, home visit, medication delivery, etc.

Listing info
  • NameRichland International Hospital
  • Address1208 Beijing Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65741988
  • FAX(0871) 65744205
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i went to four hospitals to get all my medication when i was in Guangzhou, but i send the English speaking lady in Richland my prescription from my family doctor she was able to book all for me in 4days!! Appreciated a lot!


First and last experience. Absolutely horrible. I came in late with a big flesh wound. The doctor sewed it up and told me to come back in the morning "perhaps to redo it, and to change the bandage". When I did come back the next morning, they just changed the bandage and sent me off.

When I peeked at my own wound, I noticed it was horribly done. "Like a vet did the stitches," as someone commented. I then had to stay a night in a different hospital in order to do it right, with a 40% chance of getting infections. This cost me a lot more, thanks to Richland fucking up in the beginning.

Whatever X-rays were taken were not printed out and given to me so I couldn't go to another hospital for a second opinion or treatment.

The nurses didn't seem to know where half the things were and the doctors had to repeat orders to get basic things like scissors.

In the next hospital, it was noticed that I had fractured my jaw in two places. On the five X-Rays taken at Richland, they did not notice the fractures.

Pretty sure these people are not actual doctors and are therefore criminal.


Terrible experience with incompetent doctors attempting to force me to engage in the referral round about. Nothing more than a money grubbing, ethically challenged institution fooling people under the claim of "International hospital". The translator's honest attempt to help was the only positive in this experience and if anyone is fooled by the claims of "International" competence, you have been warned!


I just got back from this hospital and I was very pleased. I showed up in the middle of the night throwing up uncontrollably and was helped immediately. They diagnosed me and brought me to a very nice room. Cozy, 120 channels and even a little attached bathroom. The place is super clean and I thought the staff was very helpful, although due to me showing up in the middle of the night there was no translators. I speak decent chinese so between that and the doctors using pleco on their phones we were able to communicate just fine. i was put on an IV. The following morning their translator was there and she was incredibly sweet and helpful as well. I would definitely recommend this place if you have anything you need. Its clean, friendly, modern, and in my opinion for all the crap I ended up deciding to do, very reasonably priced. Only thing is that I wish I couldve used my insurance as I am covered through it internationally, but the process was too complicated and i decided to just go the cash route.


I had a so-so experience at this hospital. It was an emergency appendectomy surgery, which they very graciously performed at 3 in the morning. I am extremely grateful for that. Here are the pros and cons of this place:

1) Very clean, private rooms
2) Very few patients
3) Very modern medical technology
4) Allowing guests to stay the night for free

1) To sum it up, terrible service! Most of the nurses are quite friendly, but they provide bad service. This is my experience with any service in China — they just refuse to listen to anything you say. They refused to give me pain medicine for the first 36 hours after the surgery until finally I had a friend come and force them to listen to my demands (I called my doctor in the U.S. and he couldn't believe this). If I say I'm uncomfortable and in pain, it is NOT up to the nurse to decide whether or not I'm uncomfortable! There were even a few nurses that basically told me to "man up". Very unprofessional.

2) It is extremely noisy. They had construction going on in the wing next to me my entire stay.

3) They just need to be more sensitive and gentle. A doctor came and felt my abdomen where my appendix had been taken out and when she touched it, I had a very obvious painful reaction to it. She then proceeded to press down on it 4 more times. This is just one of many similar examples.

Summary: The hospital can perform an excellent surgery, but they need to understand the recovery practices of western medicine much better.