Yunnan Richland Hospital,founded in April, 2007 and with Canadian capital injection, is the first international general hospital in Yunnan Province. Richland was accredited by Joint Commission International in 2015, becoming the first general hospital with this accreditation in Southwestern China, and was reaccredited in its triennial survey in 2018.

Featured by holistic medical etiology seeking and treatment, Richland brings the international leading management philosophy of private doctor and lifecycle health in to provide outpatient, inpatient, surgery, general checkup, health management, domestic consultation, remote international consultation and other medical services.We currently have a medical group consisting of 800 domestic and overseas experts over all medical fields, and all inspection and labortatory equipments in Richland are imported.

Holistic Medicine Center
-Etiology seeking
-Integrated TCM and western medicine therapy
-Private Doctor
-Life-cycle Management

General Medical Service
-Internal Medicine Department
-Surgery Department
-Pediatric Department
-Gynecology Department
-Obstetric Department
-Stomatology Department
-Dermatology Department
-Ophthalmology Department
-Child Healthcare Department
-Cosmetic Surgery
-Multidisciplinary Specialist Consultation

General Checkup Center
-Individual Checkup/Group Checkup
-Checkup reports interpretation
-Health Management

International Insurance Cover
Richland has currently been in cooperation with 28 international insurance companies involving

International SOS, Global Doctor, Cigna, MSH, Covermore, Europe-Assistance, etc.(Click for more information)

Other Service
Language service(English&Korean), free parking, privacy protection, overseas visit appointment making, medical transfering and escort, home visit, medication delivery, etc.

Listing info
  • NameRichland International Hospital
  • Address1208 Beijing Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65741988
  • FAX(0871) 65744205
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I am a Physical Therapist interested in working during the summer in Kunming at this facility. Does anyone know who I would contact to see about a position. I a am currently in the US.


The Richland Hospital is a excellent CHINESE HOSPITAL, very modern, with private rooms, translators (which is a great difference) and relatively accessible prices. However IS NOT enough to be an INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL, his doctors do not speak English, are very dependent on translators, and most have never studied outside China. Though polite and courteous the staff and technicians need better training to meet the foreign customer, including to stop commenting about the client in his presence (phrases like "h, he does not speak Chinese" are very common).

The loyalty Program is flawed, since it does not allow reimbursement for foreign. As a foreigner has no stability in China, this prevents many from making the minimum card (of 5000 kuais). Think about, if China does not renew your visa, you lose 5000 RMBs! Nobody will invest for prevention.

In resume, Richland think not so much about the foreign or international, the Hospital was actually made for the growing middle class of Kunming.


My one and only impression is that Richland is a cash deposit facility dressed up as medical establishment with actors dressed up as nurses. The 'doctors' turning up late, if at all, for rehearsal.


I know there are very different opinions about Richland out there.
I never had any bad or uncomfortable experiences there.
They are having English and now even German speaking nurses who can help out if your Chinese is not good enough.
Even with more serious problems I feel very safe and well treated.