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  • AddressBeijing Lu Extension, Shangdu Guoji Xiaoqu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65741988
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Multi-service healthcare provider.



What a wonderful experience!!!
We chose Richland to give birth to our baby.

And literally everything there was incredible.

The competence of the physicians, the care and attention to details.

The rooms were more luxurious than most mid range hotel room.
We had a birth with few minor complications and the doctors were amazing.

They didn't withhold any information about risks and actually gave us a very detailed briefing about all possible risks.
An army of doctors visited us every morning, making sure everything is fine, being serious about everything. Afterwards they always had a little anecdote and always encouraging words for first time parents.
They encouraged Daddy to stay overnight and they taught us a whole bunch of tricks to take care of the baby.

The food was good and cheap.

Indeed, the price is higher than most local hospitals but it is worth every penny.
Plus if you go to a local hospital they may give you a fixed price and later tell you about some emergencies and then you end up with a bill around 10 grand as well.

Our baby had the umbilical cord around her neck twice and they still recommended us to give natural birth, since they measured the umb. cord's length, that is very exceptional in China where everyone pushes for C-section.

We paid in total, a little over 13000RMB (excluding pre-checks).

And to the usual 7-8000RMB in other overcrowded, loud and messy Kunming clinics it's totally worth it.

If we have another child and we are in Kunming we will definitely go back.

Thanks again RICHLAND to make this rough and exhausting days a wonderful and relaxing experience.


The new phone number is: 0871-65741988

Website: <a href="http://www.intrh.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.intrh.com/</a>


I had a bike accident and needed to get some stitches done. The reason I chose this hospital is because public hospitals in China are known to be too crowded. There are few people here, probably due to it being expensive. The doctors were very friendly and helpful. They don't speak much English, so it definitely helps if you know some Chinese, although you could probably get by with English.


Marc, the incident you linked was actually reported right here on Gokunming, so it's a bit odd that they would delete your review. But the story is here along with a couple of comments about the hospital.

<a href="http://www.gokunming.com/en/blog/item/1553/bereaved_family_forces_richland_hospital_shutdown" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.gokunming.com/[...]</a>