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Forums > Living in Kunming > International School in Kunming

The only legit international school in Kunming is KIA, last I checked. All other schools are knock off version. International schools if properly registered need the students to show passports and mainland Chinese are not permitted to join.
And they are vetted and standardized, so that if you graduate, you could join any college or highschool in the country the school is registered, or globally.

The ministry of education has to sign off on it. Still a surprise to me how KIA managed to get it done, with their little religious affiliation.

Using an international curriculum doesn't make it an international school. If, then all my previous classes were International school classes.

To get a license for Int. Schools is almost impossible from within China and you need tons of cash, an international education linked institute, it needs to be vetted and other important administration obstacles to overcome.

There are these bicultural school, they pretend that they are somewhat international but just until they sucked enough money out of you and then turn full on Chinese style, gaokao, test this, test that and 30+kids in class, occasional corporal punishment, you name it.

And of course graduating from one of these doesn't do you any good, unless you go through years of tutor classes and TOEFL, GMAT tests. So in the end they are pretty pointless unless you want your loved ones to stay in China.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cheap flights to EU

There are cheap flights to Europe but after June 1st, or even before that they charge high season fares. And then, you are lucky if you get a seat for less than 8000RMB.

Try booking expert sites, they give great advice for when and how to book at the right time, to catch the best fares for certain routes and airlines.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cheap flights to EU

The only direct Kunming-European flight is to Paris. It's China Eastern or Southers but I doubt they get you below 1000US$ which is 6500RMB, by todays exchange rate.

I doubt that you can find a flight that cheap, especially in Summer, but you can try.

I recommend to pick your date before June 1st, when the airlines change to their Summer rates. Find and book flights a little more that 2 month before departure. Go with airlines that have layovers.

Airlines that offer cheaper flights are Emirates [Guangzhou], Etihad [Chengdu], a sometimes cheaper option is, low-fare carrier to Hongkong, then direct or lay-over flight to Europe. since Hongkong is much cheaper than mainland flights.

The only reasonable direct flight option is Chengdu Amsterdam with KLM.

The final option, to my knowledge, is C-trip, sometimes they have crazy-ticket-out-of-hell-guerilla options, with the crashiest airlines possible and several lay-overs 30hours flights for 4k to 10k RMB.

So that is something to look into, if money is an issue.

Otherwise as I said, to get a flight around 6500RMB is very unlikely, unless you have miles or promotion codes.

I hope that helps.


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you can' hypnotize people to do something they don.t want to do.

a friend of mine took a 11day trip to europe. the moment the boarding was complete, the guide asked 400 euro from each passenger or she wouldn't guide them. no sightseeing, etc. and of course she kept the passports.

wow...sounds like they needed a lot of planning and personnel in the maticulous planning of a terrorist masterplan, such as killing random people at a busy trainstation with knives and machetes.

i just saw a newsfeed where 10 thugs attacked and smashed a preschool on beijing lu. and they were very cautious of not killing anyone...the point is they seemed to have planned their attacks much more carefull with a tenth of manpower.

i wouldn't be surprised if the executed culprits are bloggers or rights activists or just normal blokes having commited the crime of offending an influencial person or VIP.

confessing after a few weeks in chinese jail. isn.t proof enough for me.

i guess we will hear and see of more dilenquents related to the horrible march events, in the future. since there will never be access to the trial, it's a free ticket of killing whoever they want. making all westers secret organizations look like incompetent posers in terms of killing people they don.t like.

the sad thing is that by killing and jailing everyone not compliant with their political view or being of another religion or minority. they make the victims and their families complicit.

i go with Haali on this one.
I would marry a lantern-fish to safe anyone in my family.

plus who knows if it works. i know people that were friends or partners for years and when they married, it didn't last for more than a few weeks.
i know people that met for an hour and knew they'd stay together forever.

and maybe she finds a smart, romantic fella and he gives her the money out of compassion and asks her to get to know each other first. A bloke having 300 thou flying around won't mind losing it over a girl he likes.

i agree with what walter said. the station is not a place for high fliers. but more people at the station being able to relate to poverty related problems.

i can only wish she gets the money for her brother and the bloke of her dreams.



What a wonderful experience!!!
We chose Richland to give birth to our baby.

And literally everything there was incredible.

The competence of the physicians, the care and attention to details.

The rooms were more luxurious than most mid range hotel room.
We had a birth with few minor complications and the doctors were amazing.

They didn't withhold any information about risks and actually gave us a very detailed briefing about all possible risks.
An army of doctors visited us every morning, making sure everything is fine, being serious about everything. Afterwards they always had a little anecdote and always encouraging words for first time parents.
They encouraged Daddy to stay overnight and they taught us a whole bunch of tricks to take care of the baby.

The food was good and cheap.

Indeed, the price is higher than most local hospitals but it is worth every penny.
Plus if you go to a local hospital they may give you a fixed price and later tell you about some emergencies and then you end up with a bill around 10 grand as well.

Our baby had the umbilical cord around her neck twice and they still recommended us to give natural birth, since they measured the umb. cord's length, that is very exceptional in China where everyone pushes for C-section.

We paid in total, a little over 13000RMB (excluding pre-checks).

And to the usual 7-8000RMB in other overcrowded, loud and messy Kunming clinics it's totally worth it.

If we have another child and we are in Kunming we will definitely go back.

Thanks again RICHLAND to make this rough and exhausting days a wonderful and relaxing experience.