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This was our first visit, so I'm just writing about our first impression which was very good. We haven't had any food yet, but the cupcakes/muffins which they gave us for free (since they just opened) with the drinks were delicious. The coffee and fruit juice were nice, but most impressive is that one can drink while enjoying the amazing art. The staff was also very friendly. The cafe is located on the same Walking Street as the North Wicker Basket.


I had a bike accident and needed to get some stitches done. The reason I chose this hospital is because public hospitals in China are known to be too crowded. There are few people here, probably due to it being expensive. The doctors were very friendly and helpful. They don't speak much English, so it definitely helps if you know some Chinese, although you could probably get by with English.


We go there quite often. The interior is very nicely decorated. The taste of coffee and food is average. The price is set about right. We like the paninis and the salad is not bad either.


The food is pretty good, but overpriced.

The seafood pancake was over 90 RMB. It's the only place I know of where you can get the Korean chicken with an authentic tasting seasoning. It was pretty good, although some pieces consisted almost entirely of bone. The chicken dish costs 88 RMB. If the prices were half of what they are now, we would go there again, but as it is now it's the last time we went.