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  • Address12 Beichen Pedestrian Street, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65820226
  • HoursDaily: 9am-11pm
    Tue: closed
  • Happy HourTea time: 1-5:30pm
    Cocktails: 1-7pm
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Prague Café (Beichen) • 12 Beichen Pedestrian Street


Prague Café features gourmet coffee and homemade bread baked fresh daily. We also offer crisp, fresh salads, a variety of soups and made-to-order pizzas.

Come and visit our Café & Restaurant in Kunming's northern city centre!



I used to be a regular at Prague Beichen, and the only reason I no longer make it there very often is that I now live on the other side of town.

Mike and Tan are absolutely lovely people and make you feel very welcome. Their newly renovated cafe is comfortable and spacious.

Coffee is excellent. Could do with a few more vegetarian options on the menu, but, on the whole, the food is good.

I'm fairly surprised with some of the negative reviews, but most of them are quite old, so perhaps things have improved significantly.


Been there many times for bkfst, lunch or dinner. The food is good, the pasta are specially awesome, but as someone else said, avoid the pizza.
The service is usually good and the staff nice, however my friends and I were extremely disappointed by the staff's attitude the last time we went.

Prague cafe usually serves until late (9pm) and close late as well (11 pm or later). We went there for my birthday, it took forever to get served (we waited for one hour for some of the dishes, nobody was served at the same time so we had to eat separately) while the restaurant wasn't busy at all, But the worst was that the waiters literally kicked us out at 9:30pm in a quite rude way.
We were extremely surprised since it doesn't close that early usually, so we went for a last drink to Oreilly's instead. Few minutes later, the whole staff from Prague cafe went to Oreilly's as well for a get-together.

This is really unprofessional, if the restaurant was really closing sooner on that day, they should have told us from the beginning instead of kicking us out that way. I supposed the managers were not here that night, so the staff decided to close earlier for partying. Unreal.


We go there quite often. The interior is very nicely decorated. The taste of coffee and food is average. The price is set about right. We like the paninis and the salad is not bad either.


Dropped by for brunch and coffee the other day. Great service and decent food. Cozy cafe with a small patio area, suits the purpose.


went for dinner on a sunday night. staff were very friendly and the place had a great vibe and a quiet mellow second floor.

we ordered a tuna salad, a vegetarian japanese dish (forgot the name) and the vegetarian pizza. The first 2 dishes were great but the pizza was the worst I've had in Kunming in the few years I've been here. I swear it was a frozen pizza from Metro (they said it was made fresh...). On top of the mediocre frozen food taste, we ordered thick crust and were given thin, under-cooked (not heated-up enough?) crust.

When we paid the bill, we checked and were over-charged a few quai. An honest mistake i'm sure, but worth noting.
all in all we'll definitely go back but recommend avoiding the pizza.

Regardless of where Kunming is, there is some great western food in this city and so a standard to go with.