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I believe you're only asked to provide the old one if you recently changed. I've had friends come in on tourist visas who have just had their passports replaced and had to show their old ones too. A real pain.

A co-worker did a HK Z-visa run a fortnight ago and didn't need their old passport.


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I used to be a regular at Prague Beichen, and the only reason I no longer make it there very often is that I now live on the other side of town.

Mike and Tan are absolutely lovely people and make you feel very welcome. Their newly renovated cafe is comfortable and spacious.

Coffee is excellent. Could do with a few more vegetarian options on the menu, but, on the whole, the food is good.

I'm fairly surprised with some of the negative reviews, but most of them are quite old, so perhaps things have improved significantly.


They've recently renovated and the place looks far less run-down than before. I wasn't treated by an English speaking dentist, and I don't actually recall meeting a dentist there who did speak any English, but there was a staff member around who could help translate.

I was unlucky enough to need root-canal (and therefore several visits), and I was happy with the treatment. I've had friends who have had the same procedure at other, cheaper clinics and have ended up with extremely painful visits, or even infections. I was fine.

Price is higher than some of the other clinics (still far cheaper than going to a dentist back home in Australia), but I felt happy with the professionalism of the staff and the treatment I was given.


Very surprised there isn't a review for this place already! Definitely the best choice for foreigners who need to visit a GP.

The doctors and desk staff all speak English (most, if not all, are native speakers or at that level). Any testing/imaging you need can be done at the attached hospital. Fees are slightly higher than other places (a consultation is still very reasonably priced), but it's worth it to speak to a Western-trained doctor in English.

I recently had to visit several times for an ongoing medical issue, and am very happy with the quality of treatment there. Dr. Lui in particular is fantastic.

Having been to Calmette and Richland, and heard stories of some of the other clinics around town, Grace is the only one I'd recommend.