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Huiying Dental Clinic is a professional, bilingual dental clinic located in the heart of downtown Kunming. Dentists Hui Meng and Ying Li and their bilingual staff have been offering a full range of dental services to clients from Kunming and around the world since founding Huiying in 2006.

Whether you need a simple cleaning or some serious crown work, Huiying can offer you first-rate dental treatment at very affordable prices. The clinic's state-of-the-art equipment and professional service standards will make you rest assured that you are in good hands. Huiying's sterilization equipment meets American Dental Association standards.

Huiying offers the following services:

Cleanings – Ranging from 150 to 250 yuan
Pit and fissure sealing
Mercury-free fillings – Ranging from 150 to 400 yuan
Ceramic crowns
Tooth whitening
Periodontal work
Orthodontic treatment for both adolescents and adults

Open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, Huiying accepts reservations and walk-in patients. Why put off your important dental work for your next trip to Thailand or Hong Kong when you can get it done today here in Kunming?

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Huiying Dental Clinic • 55 Huashan Nan Lu



They've recently renovated and the place looks far less run-down than before. I wasn't treated by an English speaking dentist, and I don't actually recall meeting a dentist there who did speak any English, but there was a staff member around who could help translate.

I was unlucky enough to need root-canal (and therefore several visits), and I was happy with the treatment. I've had friends who have had the same procedure at other, cheaper clinics and have ended up with extremely painful visits, or even infections. I was fine.

Price is higher than some of the other clinics (still far cheaper than going to a dentist back home in Australia), but I felt happy with the professionalism of the staff and the treatment I was given.


Needed a lot of work done after years of neglect. Everything was taken care of professionally and the result was perfectly satisfactory. Only gripe was that at one point my tooth got infected but the clinic sorted it all out.


Ever since seeing patients having teeth extracted on the street when working in Guizhou many years ago I've studiously avoided dental treatment here. So when pushed into a corner because a Thai dentist confessed to being unqualified to do a particular procedure I feared the worst. It was at least reassuring when the Huiying dentist confessed it would be tricky. Within 40 minutes, during which I nearly dozed off, the job was complete and the care surpassed anything I've had in my life, and all without any fuss.



Professional, friendly and helpful staff - and, most importantly, did great work.


We're an foreign family and we just took our 5-year-old daughter here this morning. She had one molar tooth that we could tell had a cavity and was causing her some discomfort. We were a little concerned about having it treated in China, as we've heard a lot of horror stories, but we were VERY pleasantly surprised.

First, I called and made an appointment yesterday and, although not necessary, they offered to speak English. Second, when we showed up, the dentist spoke English to us. He looked in my daughter's mouth and confirmed that the cavity needed to be filled... so, then he pulled out his drill. We were a little worried that he didn't use any pain medicine, but he drilled very carefully and our daughter never had any problem. He filled the cavity with a filler that matched the tooth, so we can hardly tell any hole was even in the tooth.

All told, it cost us 120 RMB and took about 30 mins, and was done in a very professional manner. We're very thankful for this dental office and plan to visit again for regular cleanings.