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I'm pretty sure they don't claim to offer emergency room or "urgent care" services (regulations and other gov restrictions prevent this), and from my own personal experience, generally they charge a fraction of what Chinese hospitals charge. Also, they usually have appointments next day and sometimes same day. Did you ask?

That said, if it's truly an emergency (sounds like you might have pneumonia or similar), then go to a local Chinese hospital or fly to HK. Here in Kunming, the Int'l Clinic seems to be trying their best within the restrictions placed on them. It probably doesn't help to complain about something they don't have any control over unless you're sending a note directly to the Kunming Mayor or Yunnan Governor and complain that foreign doctors are too restricted in China.

Forums > Living in Kunming > getting drvers license

What is the address of the main motor vehicle office? I heard it was down by Cheng Gong. I need to have my license plate changed to Yunnan from a different province.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Ultimate Frisbee Sport in Kunming?


I'm curious if there are any people who would like to get together regularly to play Ultimate Frisbee? I already have a Frisbee, just need some players (6-12).

If you don't know how to play, I can teach you!

I live in the North of Kunming, near Yunnan Agriculture University, and would likely try to play near there.

Let me know your contact info and we'll put a team together!



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My wife and two children have stayed here many times over the last several years, most recently a couple of weeks ago. The foreign owners are friendly and helpful, and the place is clean.

They are not a hostel, but more like a Bed & Breakfast, which is better for families or couples travelling, or even company retreats. Having stayed in other guesthouses in Dali when Sleepyfish Lodge was full, I can say that they aren't the cheapest option in Dali, but they are certainly among the best values, especially if you consider the relatively soft beds and the overall relaxing atmosphere. We also really enjoyed eating in the SleepyFish Cafe because their soups and fresh breads are a nice taste of home. Oh, and if you happen to overlap with one of their well-attended wood-fire pizza nights, you won't be disappointed — some of the best pizza we've had in China!

Anyway, we would recommend them to anyone visiting Dali.


I have now been to Brooklyn Pizzeria two times. On the first occasion they were super busy and we had to wait about 20 mins for a seat. The second time we were the only ones there.

In both cases, the server mixed up our order and was pretty slow for pizza (almost an hour wait the first time).

Additionally, for a foreign-owned place, I would expect better customer service. They also didn't bother refilling our water glasses or asking us how we liked the food. They didn't have much "advice" on food, either (I'm not sure if the wait staff has even tasted the food they serve).

All that said, their pizza was great! We really liked the flavors and crust. Very tasty. And the pizzas are HUGE! Price will appear high, but portions are worth it. :-)

Anyway, I would recommend that they pay a little more attention to customer service and I would be willing to give them 5 stars.


We're an foreign family and we just took our 5-year-old daughter here this morning. She had one molar tooth that we could tell had a cavity and was causing her some discomfort. We were a little concerned about having it treated in China, as we've heard a lot of horror stories, but we were VERY pleasantly surprised.

First, I called and made an appointment yesterday and, although not necessary, they offered to speak English. Second, when we showed up, the dentist spoke English to us. He looked in my daughter's mouth and confirmed that the cavity needed to be filled... so, then he pulled out his drill. We were a little worried that he didn't use any pain medicine, but he drilled very carefully and our daughter never had any problem. He filled the cavity with a filler that matched the tooth, so we can hardly tell any hole was even in the tooth.

All told, it cost us 120 RMB and took about 30 mins, and was done in a very professional manner. We're very thankful for this dental office and plan to visit again for regular cleanings.