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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Lijiang to Deqin by bike

Thanks so much, xiefei and bluppfisk, both very helpful and positive. I was a little worried that the rain would make the roads too difficult, but from what you say I think it'll be ok, as I don't think it has rained much yet.

Also, bluppfisk, thanks for link to blog and advice re. TLG. Great.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Lijiang to Deqin by bike

I'm planning a cycle trip from Lijiang to Deqin (or possibly Deqin to Lijiang) over the next few weeks.

I was wondering if anyone who has done this route, or other cycling in the area, has any feedback or advice... most importantly about whether the weather now will be ok for it (it seems like it'll be raining a lot - will this make the roads a nightmare?)

Also whether there are definitely enough (and frequent enough) places to stay along the route, or if camping gear is advisable. There is an article about doing this route a few years ago, which mentions places to stay, but I was just wondering if there are other places to stay in-between these stops, if you don't make it far enough in one day.

Any other advice is also welcome!

I might carry on from Lijiang to Lugu lake afterwards... the same questions apply.



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