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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

My baby was born in 昆明市妇幼保健院 (the hospital near Green lake) and honestly it was perfectly fine. While the service was not up to international standards, the medical care provided by the nurses and doctors was professional and to a high level. At every step of the pregnancy and birth they explained what was happening and why they needed to do xyz test. You could pay for vip service of desired. Here's a quick list of pros and cons in that hospital.

New spacious hospital building for pregnancy checks
Dedicated doctors for early pregnancy / late pregnancy / postpartum

Short queues
Helpful nurses give advice after birth

Make some appointments with doctors using wechat

4 person post birth rooms
Birthing unit can get busy because of the popularity of the place
Limited English (the nurses and doctor at the birthing unit spoke English)

Feel free to pm me for more details

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is English teaching now banned?

English teaching isn't banned. What's banned is private profit based training schools. This means that there are still jobs going in universities, state schools and some training schools that have negotiated with the government and managed the transition to the new regulations. Like livinginchina mentioned, the amount of jobs are drastically reduced but it's definitely possible to get one.

Forums > Living in Kunming > rating employers

What's wrong about discussing Kunming based employers on a Kunming based forum?

It's a good idea because there is almost no information about Kunming training schools anywhere else. Also, nowadays you can't just come to China and have a look around. The new visa policies mean that there is a lot of admin to be done in your home country prior to coming here. Which means any prior knowledge, no matter how biased, is better than none.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cheapest way of sending 20kg to UK?

Does anyone know a cheap way of sending a 20kg box to the UK? So far the cheapest I've found is oversea using China post. 208 Rmb for the first kg +22rmb per additional kg. Did anybody know of any dedicated companies that do this? Time isn't a factor in my case. Thanks

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bus from Kunming to Jianshui

Lol my totally vague answer isn't really much help. I've forgotten the important details such as time and price, my recollection is that they were generally the same as the train. Also worth mentioning, Jianshui

bus station is a lot closer to the town than the train station. You can walk to the old town from the bus station, from the train station you can either take a taxi or mianbaoche. I don't know if they've got busses.


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Needed a lot of work done after years of neglect. Everything was taken care of professionally and the result was perfectly satisfactory. Only gripe was that at one point my tooth got infected but the clinic sorted it all out.


Good beer, good price great people