Barfly is a European pub with great English style craft beers made in the renowned Guiyang brewery Tripsmith. Our selection includes Porters, Ales and Stouts.

In addition there is a wide range of well-priced, fancy yet serious cocktails and a selection of European wines and even English Cider!

Outside seating, wooden beer station, owner-made bar top and the Rolls Royce of professional beer tap systems all make for a comfortable chilled out drinking and eating environment.

For art lovers, ask to see B1!

As for the food, one of the owners is an ace baker hailing from southern Germany, and making Pretzels, sour dough's and cakes, while her partner makes homemade sausages and authentic savoury pies, as well as other great snacks and meals from all over Europe.

We also sell frozen home made sausages pies and meats to customers to take home.

We sell English apple and juniper, German Thuringer, chilli and soon truffle sausages.

All are individually wrapped so you can easily take one out of the freezer at a time rather than a whole kilo.

We are also selling chicken and now mushroom pasties as well as our cooked ham.

We can sell wholesale to businesses too at reduced price depending on the quantity purchased.

Run by longterm expat Kunmingers who know the city and people well, this is a welcome addition to the smorgasbord that is Kunming.

A great local pub to make friends in and a solid menu at great prices.

Also good for travelers just passing through. All are welcome! Barfly loves you!

Listing info
  • NameBarfly
  • AddressSujiatang Cun, Yunlifang Xiaoqu. building 3-4 store 1 room 4, Kunming
    昆明苏家塘村云立方小区, 3-41层商铺4
  • MOBILE18725139281
  • HoursDaily: 4pm-2am
  • HAPPY HOUR5-7pm
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Barfly • Sujiatang Cun, Yunlifang Xiaoqu. building 3-4 store 1 room 4

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Good and tasty Russian food for good price yesterday. Continue with events like this !


I moved to Kunming in January, right before the height of the corona virus shut down. I was lonely and eager to make friends. My roommates were quick to add me to the Barfly Wechat group, which seemed to be a friendly place to become a part of a supportive community. I joined the group and thought I would be welcomed. However, when I actually went to the bar I was so disappointed. After trying to dance to Eurotrash white, hetero outdated head banger music all night long, I talked to a friend to try and think about music that might be a little more danceable. She took me behind the bar and immediately, before I even said a word, I was told that my musical tastes would not be cool enough. When I suggest Lady Gaga (a queer icon) or Beyonce (one of the most accomplished women of color) I was told that my tastes were in fact not cool enough for this bar and was dismissed. Whatever. However after I was standing next to another friend who was asking to change the outdated music once again, the bartender freely gave him her phone and said "don't worry I trust you, you wouldn't pick something like Lady Gaga." Then she turned to me and repeated "No Lady Gaga" as if I was a fucking idiot. Overall I find the Kunming expat community to be welcoming and kind, but not Barfly. To quote another band that is probably not cool enough to be played in this establishment: "Bye Bye Bye!"


This has been my favorite bar to go to for the last two years. You never know what you'll get- a quiet chill night or a group of rugby girls coming in to dance on the bar. Whatever the scene, there's someone to meet and chat with. The owners are super friendly. There is always a mix of fun events and they are open to new ideas. They are also very supportive of the expat community. Probably the best burger I've had in Kunming. Their other food is pretty damn good too.


Barfly is the kind of place where you can count on walking in and there will always be someone to talk to; someone at the bar, or Alex and Kris behind the bar. They put on a lot of activities such as game nights, the fabulous Girl Power night, exhibitions and Celebrity Bartender nights. The home baked food is pretty amazing and I'm a huge fan of the brezel. A great local pub!