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Forums > Study > Cost of dorms at YNU, YNNU, KUST, etc.?

I am currently living at KUST dorm, in the old building in town, which is where all the foreign students who don't have a scholarship stay. I hear the new campus and dorms in Chenggong are nicer, so if you're on a scholarship, there's that. The dorms here are basic, and if you arrive late, as I did, you won't be able to find any double rooms, which are, as Nickoletta said, 2800 per person per year. So get here early if you want that. The four-bed rooms have a Chinese style toilet, and solar panels for heating water, so not always cold, especially in this weather(I assume the two-bed rooms are the same in these regards). But the people here are really nice, and there's plenty of space for your things(I brought two big suitcases), two lockers where you can keep any valuables. So the main take away here is you get what you pay for, and I am fine with spending 1,200 kuai for a years worth of rent. Oh, that's how much a 4-bed room is, by the way. Good luck to you, hope this helps.
Almost forgot, there is no elevator and if you get here late you will be on the 7th floor. Floors 1-3 are reserved for women, 4-6 for men, and 7 for late arrivals so it's a mixed floor, but not the rooms.


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