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Cost of dorms at YNU, YNNU, KUST, etc.?

ficklestix (11 posts) • 0

I'm planning to move to Kunming early next year to study Chinese at one of these universities, but I'm not sure which university I would prefer. One of the deciding factors would be the cost of the dorms, since I will be on a tight budget.

Can anybody tell me how much the dorms cost at these universities? I have read conflicting information, stating anywhere from 900 RMB/yr to 1200 RMB/month...

Also, which of these universities provide double rooms? I would prefer to not share a room with more than one roommate. Also, do they generally grant you any freedom in choosing your roommate (my brother and I are going together and would prefer to room together)?

Thanks for your help!

Haali (1178 posts) • 0

The normal dorms used by normal chinese students are very very cheap, but they usually have 6 people in one room! I believe that foreign students are usually housed in a separate building of 1 & 2 people rooms. Don't know how much they cost.

jambert (2 posts) • 0

The dorms for foreign students at Yunnan University are 450 RMB/month per student. The rooms are all for two students (though they have four beds), and they'd definitely let you live with your brother.

The rooms are bare, save for two desk/bed frames on each side. You'll need to supply a small mattress.

ficklestix (11 posts) • 0

Thank for the information guys! 450 RMB/month is definitely doable, although I'm curious if the other two universities would have cheaper accommodation.

Nickolletta (4 posts) • 0

KUST dorm in old campus,

2 beds - 2800 year/ 1 person
As i know ss can choose roommate or change room if its available.

Good luck!

demoraes88 (1 post) • 0

I am currently living at KUST dorm, in the old building in town, which is where all the foreign students who don't have a scholarship stay. I hear the new campus and dorms in Chenggong are nicer, so if you're on a scholarship, there's that. The dorms here are basic, and if you arrive late, as I did, you won't be able to find any double rooms, which are, as Nickoletta said, 2800 per person per year. So get here early if you want that. The four-bed rooms have a Chinese style toilet, and solar panels for heating water, so not always cold, especially in this weather(I assume the two-bed rooms are the same in these regards). But the people here are really nice, and there's plenty of space for your things(I brought two big suitcases), two lockers where you can keep any valuables. So the main take away here is you get what you pay for, and I am fine with spending 1,200 kuai for a years worth of rent. Oh, that's how much a 4-bed room is, by the way. Good luck to you, hope this helps.
Almost forgot, there is no elevator and if you get here late you will be on the 7th floor. Floors 1-3 are reserved for women, 4-6 for men, and 7 for late arrivals so it's a mixed floor, but not the rooms.

ficklestix (11 posts) • 0

Wow, so I guess the KUST dorms are a lot cheaper than the YNU dorms. Does anybody have any info about the prices of YNNU dorms?

Also, KUST was originally my first choice, but then I read somewhere that their Chinese programs only begin in September. Does anybody know if they have any programs beginning January-March or if it would be possible to join their September program mid-program?

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

could also be a huge difference in quality of accom, not just price. some student accom is serously depressing. some is verynice

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