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Forums > Living in Kunming > Increased anti-foreigner sentiment?

A friend of me is looking for new apartment and he was refused to enter to many xiao qu. he aleays had passport with him and come with the agent from rent offices, sometimes with Chinese friend as well. These issues happend in the last two weeks.

They dont want see any prove from his passport or so, just say no foreigner can entry for visit.
Me and him as well we got extra check in subway and police there check our passports and keep ask strange questions like if we just arrived from abroad or not...(how can ask if my stamp in passport from last entry is 9 months ago).
Really interesting :).
I mean I can understand people on street can feel unsafe when see laowai since there is recently number of not very cool articles abt foreigner on wechat or so. But why security of xiao qus do that.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Panlong River Cruise Returns

because other tourist attractions are even more overpriced , i dont see the point of paying 50yuan for 5km ferry... most of posts in Chinese articles about this 'new attraction' complain

about the ticket price


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The first information about trading tea and changing with horses in Yunnan is from 1661. Before this time, all the tea and horse changing was in Sichuan and Shaanxi prov. - the tea was heicha, Sichuan kang zhuan and Shaanxi fu, qing, hei and hua zhuan. But the first time was Song dynasty, the Tang dynasty is very wrong but yes, is often write in Chinese books.

During Qing dynasty, the quantity of tea transported by horses from Yunnan to Lhasa was very small. Most of the tea was sold and consumed in Lijiang, Shangrli La area. Only small amount was sent to Central Tibet.

The most popular time when really large quantity of puer tea - mostly mushroom shape or tuo shape, was in 1930.1940s. But at that time they already use short way crossing Myanmar, they used horses but also cars and trains.

Of course there was many another products transport from Yunnan or from Laos, there was also way to Beijing special for give top grade teas and other stuff to King. But the trading tea and changing with horses like in Sichuan and Shaanxi was not too old, just firs record is from 1661.

The Tea Horse Road, or Cha Ma Gu Dao is relative new name, start use in 1980s or early 1990s for just commercial things like tourism and promotion puer tea.



Good and tasty Russian food for good price yesterday. Continue with events like this !


Baozusi is beautiful. and lunch there, for 10y, is very nice !


Visited at Sunday, the pizza was not so good as always, solty and body too soft. The stuff was kinda non-friendly, Hope the quality can change back as the past. Brooklyn was my favorite pizza restaurant in Kunming


the pizza is now better, crispy and tasty, really enjoy it