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Try Yunnan foodstuffs for free.

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Ongoing. There is a Yunnan Spring Festival Foodstuffs Fair, in the old exhibition centre until around the 21st.

You can try most of the foods before you buy, and prices of many foods are cheaper than in the local wet markets. You are buying direct from the farmers. I tried the black pudding, very similar in taste to UK black pudding, only it uses sticky rice as the binder.
This is a great way to try out some Yunnan farm products.

Entrance is free. It goes on until about Jan 21. The exhibition centre is about 1km south of the Kunming Railway Station, just beyond the 2nd ring road.

I have no connection to the show. Just sharing some foodie info.

tigertigerathome (122 posts) • +1

It is the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center
There is an address in Pinyin and Hanzi, as well as a map, here www.gokunming.com/[...]

It is NOT the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Taxis might inadvertently take you to the wrong site, if you are not careful.

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