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Forums > Living in Kunming > Public transport app?

This is late, but there is a free app in both English with Chinese names, for subway/metro timetables, called MetroMan. It has many cities in China in the same app, download the relevant timetable within the app, and select the departure and destination stop, and it tells you how and where to transfer if needed and ticket cost too!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Recent incident

Where is the link to the incident?

Also, as an ethnically Chinese foreigner, I agree that Chinese people are friendly towards foreigners - but only if you are non-Chinese. I have had nothing but rudeness and unhelpfulness from Chinese staff in public places (train stations, public toilets) and rarely, Chinese people at tourist destinations. Yesterday in Green Lake in Kunming, I wanted to use the toilets. I can't physically use squat toilets due to a hip injury, and there were seated toilets. But I waited for like 10 minutes and no one came out of the locked doors and there were no staff at the little reception area. Then these other 2 staff of the park came (they had a badge) and I asked them I wanted to go to the toilet and before I could say it was locked, (not the first time the seated toilet/wheelchair accessible facilities are locked and unavailable for actual use. Are there wheelchair facilities? Yes. But can you use it? No. In China it's about checkbox ticking and not actual job completion), one of them actually PUSHED me

(more like shoved) towards the toilets and said "Go!" And I said it's locked and she started running away like I'm contagious and said rudely "You ask them!" (ie the toilet staff). I said there's no one there and I've been waiting for 10 minutes.

Then I Chengdu I asked a local to take a photo for me, a girl said yes and I was getting my camera ready when her mum came over and asked roughly, what's happening, the girl said I wanted a photo, and the mum said No no no, and dragged her away. I dumbfounded looked on and asked why??? And the mum said "She [the girl] doesn't want to!"



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