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Public transport app?

Crazychopstick (8 posts) • 0

Hi, does anyone know if there's an app for the public transport in Kunming? Like an app to search bus/subway routes and such? I'm so unsure to how i should find out information on how to travel to a specific destination in town.

Liumingke1234 (3250 posts) • +2

Alipay has a built-in app to pay for the bus or train. Go to 'pocket' to install it from within.

There is also an app called春城e路通 that you can download.

It is only in Chinese as most apps are.

JanJal (1028 posts) • +1

WeChat also has a miniprogram for paying with QR reader in buses and subway gates, but whether this (or AliPay) contain any kind of integrated route map I don't know.

michael2015 (654 posts) • +3

If you have an iPhone or iPad - you can use apple maps. It shows walking routes, public transportation routes to include subways and buses (and bus numbers), distance, and estimated arrival time. It also includes a link to ride-sharing such as didiche.

That should satisfy your transportation queries - but doesn't show fares. Best of luck and happy exploring.

I'm sure the Android apps also have English language map equivalents.

Best of luck and bon voyage.

hermit (48 posts) • +1

As many of us are, the OP is seeking a map of the bus transit system, which doesn't exist.

The Authorities delight in keeping the public in ignorance of basic information..
I personally will pay 300 for a bus system map; legible and full-sized.
This mystery surrounding city bus travel is 100 years out of date..

The_Dude (13 posts) • +4

You can also use Baidu maps. It has a public transport layer which shows the bus routes around the city. To access (on android) press 打车 on the right of the screen, then 公交。For my app, this brings up a list of bus lines near you and from there you can navigate around to see more.

However, this is all in Chinese and not very intuitive to navigate.

john-doe1983 (64 posts) • +3

an app on adroid named "AMAP" works pretty well (chinese only) search for destination and then at the top of the app you can get walking, cycling, public transport and driving routes, this is the app I use.

hermit (48 posts) • +1

Again, 300 for a bus-system Map; full size w/numbers and routes..
A city map at Mandarin Books for 10 is the right idea, but shows no bus routes..
Android need not apply..

viyida (22 posts) • +1

As the The_Dude said, use Baidu maps. It works for most bus routes in major Chinese cities. May not be pretty, but quite handy.

Also john-doe hit the nail with AMAP, aka the popular Gaode Ditu (高德地图) to the Chinese:

Typing pinyin would suffice for directions from A to B. Click "路线" (bottom right) and select different modes of transport:

"Easiest Mode, Taxi, Car, Public Transport, Bike, Walking, Plane, Train, Shuttle, Motor Bike routes, and Truck routes (in order of left to right)."

More detailed English instructions on how to use the visually appealing Gaode Map:


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