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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Golf Driving Ranges

There are many cheap small golf courses in the UK. Many farmers turned fields into golf courses as part of the CAP set aside policy back in the 90s. The courses I played on in South Wales were often short 9 holes, and adequately maintained. I was paying about 5 pounds a round then, plus extra if you wanted to hire clubs. Some would argue that they were 'Pitch and put' courses, but actually they were much better than that.

Ok it is not competition quality golf, but they were local and you could keep your eye in, so to speak, and get your Zen. They could also be a gateway into the sport for beginners, who did not want to spend a lot of money on a maybe.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Golf Driving Ranges

@Wilhelm. Perhaps the best thing you can do is drive over to one, and ask directly at the clubhouse reception desk.
There are several golf course developments (mixed residential and golf course) in and around Kunming. Some were never got beyond planning, most were never commercially viable. We looked at buying a house in one of these developments about 10 years ago. The houses were around market value and each came with only one membership. Most people sold the memberships to third parties, and these were selling for 400k rmb. Additional memberships could not be bought from the developer. There were green fees that at that time were about 1000 rmb, and this was for a fairly basic golf course.

Golf in China seems to be largely an expensive membership sport.

Forums > Living in Kunming > shipping bikes to UK

Thinking out of the box, no pun intended.

Will they allow you to ship a frame?
I would not ask them, I would just strip the bike (incl. remove forks), wrap the frame and take it down to the post office. If they say they don't ship bikes, tell them it is not a bike, it is spare parts. See what happens.
If that works then the following week ship the wheels, etc.
If the cost of shipping is more than a component, e.g. bars, buy new bars back in the UK.
Maybe worth a try.


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