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Forums > Food & Drink > Try Yunnan foodstuffs for free.

It is the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center
There is an address in Pinyin and Hanzi, as well as a map, here[...]

It is NOT the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Taxis might inadvertently take you to the wrong site, if you are not careful.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Excess luggage cost/maximum?

There may be limits, it sometimes depends on how busy the flight is.

You need to check with the airline. One thing to consider if you are flying straight through, see if you can buy a single ticket.
If you know you will be flying with China Eastern, contact them to see if they have a pre-booked excess baggage facility. If they do, this will be much cheaper to pre-buy it. Also some airlines have a generous limit, or none at all, on laptop bags; a good place to stash a couple of heavy books.
Whatever your strategy, it is a good idea to see if both airlines have similar luggage limits. I have heard of people being caught out, even on through tickets, where airlines have a different baggage allowance.
If you are going to transit in Kunming for a few days, it would be worth posting on things using China post, to an address in Jinhong. Be aware that prohibited items for posting include (I believe) books, CD/DVD/cassette tapes, electronics, among other things. They will sell you boxes in the PO, and they want you to at least seal the box in the PO so that they can see what you are sending.
A coat with deep pockets, and inside pockets, can be used to carry small heavy items, including books, candy, etc. I think my record is 7kg of pocket items. I got some funny looks going through x-ray, but it is legal.

Forums > Food & Drink > Try Yunnan foodstuffs for free.

Ongoing. There is a Yunnan Spring Festival Foodstuffs Fair, in the old exhibition centre until around the 21st.

You can try most of the foods before you buy, and prices of many foods are cheaper than in the local wet markets. You are buying direct from the farmers. I tried the black pudding, very similar in taste to UK black pudding, only it uses sticky rice as the binder.
This is a great way to try out some Yunnan farm products.

Entrance is free. It goes on until about Jan 21. The exhibition centre is about 1km south of the Kunming Railway Station, just beyond the 2nd ring road.

I have no connection to the show. Just sharing some foodie info.


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I think the advantages for short term rental ebikes are the same as they were for short rental bicycles. With the added advantages of no additional cost charging, and no overnight parking issues (ebikes worse than bikes for this one).
The other advantages for the user, shared by both ebike and bicycle, include: free parking, can park anywhere, you can cross town on the metro and pick up another ride, no concern about theft (a big concern), and I am sure there are others.


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