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I had my flight, for next week, cancelled this afternoon. We proactively called the airline (all in Chinese) and got put on a flight earlier on the same day. There was a long queue on the phone system, probably because everyone was calling about the same thing.
It looks like it was a case of cancelling half full flights, to fill other half empty flights. That may, or may not, have been the issue with the cancelled flights to Beijing, if it was, you need to get on the phone immediately and rebook for the same day if you can.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Q2 visa extension

As you have plenty of time, it would be better to find a time to pop into the PSB/visa office in Tuodong Lu, and enquire there. That way you will have a difinitive answer. In the past I always found them to be extremely helpful.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Advice please

To be honest this is fairly standard, crappy I know.
With only one exception (a further education college) I have never worked anywhere that did not expect staff to put in 'office hours'. Even at universities there were some extra unpaid work, although not routine office hours.
I agree that office hours should be in any contract, but I can see a private enterprise forgetting/neglecting to do this, and I think it is neglect rather than deliberate misrepresentation. One thing I found is that the worst employers were expats who have adopted the worst of both working cultures, while paying lipservice to the best of their own cultures best practice. It also seems to be the case that employment contracts are unenforcable anyway. They are more of an 'understanding' and both parties can have a different understanding of what was signed.

A word of advice if sprouts got you the work visa. Don't just quit. My understanding, though I stand to be corrected if things have changed. If the employer doesn't release you from your obligation (not easy or good for them in the eyes of the regulators).
you are stuck. You cannot legally work for anyone else, and if the work visa is cancelled (your employer is legally obliged to cancel it) this could work against you for future applications for work visas. You will also need to get another visa within 30 days, or you will be an illegal overstayer.
Just my 2c.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Diarrhea issues

In hot weather, I avoid eating tofu dishes in the evening. Tofu, if not refrigerated, turns sour very quickly, and lots of dishes (including the some non-spicy) mask the taste. I have had 'tourista' from tofu more times than I care to mention.

The other thing that causes D for me is huajiao (Sichuan pepper aka numb nuts). I don't know if I am allergic to them, or they mask the taste of poor meat, or both. Probably an allergic reaction.

Twice I have had giardia (a water borne parasitic protozoa), once in a hotel (not in Kunming) where they refilled the bottles on the water cooler from a stream.


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Because of the Metro Line 5 opening in our area, we have just gained another 3 bus services in our area. We live in a area a little off the beaten track, before we only had one bus.
It may be worth regular commuters, who live near line 5, checking to see if they have picked up any new bus routes.

Yes. A schematic map is only useful to find your way on the system that is mapped. For most tourists and strangers to the system, a map that relates to what is on the ground (above) is much more useful.

I could be mistaken but the I thought that the metro lines used to be shown on Googlemaps. But not any more apparently.


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