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Forums > Living in Kunming > Bank and banking system recommendations

@AlPage. Have you tried using Mozilla Firefox to access your online banking?
I know that Google Chrome has created problems for me in the past as I cannot make online payments with my China Merchants Bank account using Chrome, but I am fine with Firefox. I am assuming it bay be the same with Chrome and other banks.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Muslim community in Kunming

Looking at this article[...] which is a few years old now, it suggests that there may be weekend schools run locally, but not full time faith schools.

This makes sense as there is so much focus on the college entrance exams, that every school level is geared to that end.

You might find that general inquiries, to mosque leaders, might be better done face to face when you arrive.

There are many Muslims in Kunming, and at least 5 mosques that I know of.

PM sent.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Water pressure/ Hot water problems (plumber?)

Many landlords will not spend any money on property, period.

Contracting a local plumber might cause more costs and problems than it is worth.

The low cold water pressure may be the seasonal lowering of water pressure by water companies to preserve water.

This was supposed to have stopped a couple of years ago, but I had heard unsubstantiated claims that it had started again. It would not be worth you installing a pump, and pressure may go back up once rainy season starts in full.

As for you hot water, I guess that one tap is connected to a new solar heater, and the others are connected to an older system.

A quick fix would be to buy electric hot water heaters yourself, and take them with you when you leave. The simplest type is like a tap/faucet with a heater at the base that replaces your tap. They can be fitted in 5 minutes if you have a power socket in your bathroom, simple DIY job needing a screwdriver only. The one I bought on Taobao even had someone come and fit it free in the price (currently 169)[...] OK you should not have to buy it your self, but reality is you will have to. You can get cheaper ones, but Haier is a good brand.
If you want to shower you can get similar instant water heaters or you can get the ones with a tank that you heat up before you take a shower. Apparently this type are not energy efficient and leaving them on all the time is expensive.

Again, buying on Taobao or Tmall you will get a better price and if you buy from a reputable brand you get aftersales service and in some cases installation services.

You may be able to negotiate with your landlord, if you do all the work (some are too busy or can't be bothered). If not you will have to pay, but you can take them with you or sell them, when you leave.


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I lived in Shanghai for a number of years, it is pretty humid all year round. The summer is hot and wet, and yes once you walk out of the door in the morning you know you will be drenched in sweat all day. The winter is cold and damp, with the damp getting into everything, bedding, clothes, even your bones.

Pay in Shanghai is much higher, but you need the extra money just for apartment rents and higher prices for entertainment.
Shanghai is a good place for work, entertainment, shopping, and transportation, but it really is living in the rat race. Shanghai offers a higher standard of living, Kunming by comparison is more relaxed and offers a better quality of life. IMHO.


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