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Forums > Living in Kunming > Wearing Masks

I agree 100% with Colin.
Early on in the outbreak I started wearing a mask, when many in my xiaoqu had not started yet. I was asked by one of my English speaking neighbors, why. My answer was simple. Although the risk of infection was low, if anyone in the xiaoqu had got sick, I believed that they would be looking for people to blame. The fingers would point at the outsider who was not wearing a mask.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Returning from Thailand

That would make sense, as you would both be seen as part of two separate groups, and would be managed as such to avoid cross infection. It would just be easier to manage if there are no exceptions.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Ebike tune up

Personally, I would not power wash a bike of any kind. The jets are powerful enough to wash the grease out of bearings, and chain links, especially if the jet wash uses any kind of detergent. Water can also get into electrical components, especially if the machine is a few years old.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Rural Teaching jobs

If you want a low pressure job, then go to a low pressure culture. I know teachers in Laos who say the teaching environment and people are wonderful.

Education in China is a pressure cooker. I know teachers in Kindergarten who have been criticized because parents 'don't pay the school to let them play'. There are many aspirational parents in in rural areas, who want children to succeed/exceed.

Unless you get into remote rural, perhaps teaching ethnic minorities, you won't find any kind of rural idyll. Even if you do, as @Janjal said, schools won't have a budget, or even need for a native English speaking teacher.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Reasons to be cheerful

Enterprises are starting to open up again, and my Taboa goods are moving.
It rained last night, and so I don't need to water the garden.
The sun is now shining.


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I think the advantages for short term rental ebikes are the same as they were for short rental bicycles. With the added advantages of no additional cost charging, and no overnight parking issues (ebikes worse than bikes for this one).
The other advantages for the user, shared by both ebike and bicycle, include: free parking, can park anywhere, you can cross town on the metro and pick up another ride, no concern about theft (a big concern), and I am sure there are others.


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