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Any Recent Passport Renewal Experience?

BestPractice (4 posts) • 0

My U.S. Passport and Visa will expire in late August. I have no confidence I will be able to return to the U.S. prior to expiration. Hence I need to renew the passport ASAP.


Anyone with recent Post C-19 experience renewed their passport at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu or Guangzhou?

If yes, What was the turn around time from time of submission to time you received your new passport?

Any and All input greatly appreciated

BestPractice (4 posts) • 0

Also, since I will most likely be left only with a photocopy of the Passport page to return to Kunming while waiting for the new passport, anyone experienced problems getting on planes/trains/buses with the photocopy passport?

Lastly can anyone suggest trustworthy agency in Chengdu that can facilitate pick-up and EMS of passport to Kunming?

sean1sean1 (82 posts) • +1

I went yesterday and processing was easy, but apparently the office of printing passports is closed because of covid now and they are not sure when I can get my new passport. There is a good chance I will need to use an emergency passport that is only good for one year while I wait for my new passport to arrive. My advice would be to either call (8628) 85583992 to contact the general consulate or email them at amcitchengdu@state.gov for the most reliable information available. Furthermore, if you are looking for a place to stay the night when you go, expect most foreigner friendly hotels to turn you down. Even if you go to the local police station, get a document saying it is OK to stay there, and going back with the stamped document, having the police call and talk to them, they will still say no with a bunch of inaccurate excuses that conflict each other, leading to an immeasurable amount of frustration. However, Sandals Guesthouse, 拖板鞋客栈,about 3.5 KM from the consulate and quite cozy will be cool and reasonable, so go ahead and book there.

michael2015 (784 posts) • 0

For the EMS - you usually go across the street to the crowded EMS agent's office - pay for the envelope and get the receipt - then take it to the consular cashier's window (I think) and they'll toss the EMS envelope and address label into your application folder.

BestPractice (4 posts) • 0

Thanks for the input guys. Got response from Consulate confirming I will need to get the 1 year limited passport while waiting on normal passport printing to resume.

Sean1, couple of questions:

1. How much was the processing fee for the 1 year limited passport? Forms/photo req. the same as regular passport?

2. Is the health code used in Chengdu airport, etc. the same as the ones we use here in Kunming? ie: the one we scan at subway stations.

I have that one and it is green, but I notice there is a health code mini prog on my wechat pay section which I have not touched. If that is different and used nationally I should probably apply and get a green code before I leave for Chengdu.

I will definitely give Sandals Guesthouse a buzz. Thanks again.

sean1sean1 (82 posts) • 0

At the time I mistakenly didn't get the limited passport and thought I could wait it out, and was unable to call my visa guy because my phone was locked up while I was in the consulate. After I got out I was told by him he needs my new passport info ASAP and can't wait till the last minute. So I'm still not sure about that but I do know that it will be free. (presuming what they said was accurate) The Chengdu airport and Chengdu in general (other than the hotel thing) was extremely chill and didn't need a health code when coming out or going in, however Kunming airport requires the green one twice to get in.

Bothroyd (3 posts) • 0

Just wondering if anyone has recently renewed a UK passport that was running out. It seems that documents need to be printed out and filled in and sent to them and then the passport needs to be picked up in person. But I thought I'd check here to see if anything was different to the website info

michael2015 (784 posts) • 0

In theory - you can have a designated agent or surrogate pick up your passport and send it to you. You'll have to check with your embassy AND your consulates for the latest rules, regulations, procedures, and of course, documentation.

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

Don't know about UK, but for my country must go file the application in person (they confirm identity at that time, take finger prints etc). Pickup later yourself or by someone authorized with letter of attorney.

Since CoVid-19, you can apparently also arrange and prepay a courier service to pick up the enveloped passport and deliver to Kunming.

But for any country with attention to security, it sounds strange if everything could be done without going in person at all (neither for application nor pick-up).

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