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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Any Recent Passport Renewal Experience?

Thanks for the input guys. Got response from Consulate confirming I will need to get the 1 year limited passport while waiting on normal passport printing to resume.

Sean1, couple of questions:

1. How much was the processing fee for the 1 year limited passport? Forms/photo req. the same as regular passport?

2. Is the health code used in Chengdu airport, etc. the same as the ones we use here in Kunming? ie: the one we scan at subway stations.

I have that one and it is green, but I notice there is a health code mini prog on my wechat pay section which I have not touched. If that is different and used nationally I should probably apply and get a green code before I leave for Chengdu.

I will definitely give Sandals Guesthouse a buzz. Thanks again.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Any Recent Passport Renewal Experience?

Also, since I will most likely be left only with a photocopy of the Passport page to return to Kunming while waiting for the new passport, anyone experienced problems getting on planes/trains/buses with the photocopy passport?

Lastly can anyone suggest trustworthy agency in Chengdu that can facilitate pick-up and EMS of passport to Kunming?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Any Recent Passport Renewal Experience?

My U.S. Passport and Visa will expire in late August. I have no confidence I will be able to return to the U.S. prior to expiration. Hence I need to renew the passport ASAP.


Anyone with recent Post C-19 experience renewed their passport at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu or Guangzhou?

If yes, What was the turn around time from time of submission to time you received your new passport?

Any and All input greatly appreciated

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Dali fun anymore?

No, it is not fun anymore. Just came back from a weekend trip to Dali. The new high speed train is convenient, but you still need to deal with the logistics of standing in line to pick up your ticket (foreign passport holders);this added to other misc time wasters; like taxi to the train station, to old town, waiting around etc. still ends up taking you 4 to 5 hours to go one way to Dali :(
Also, Old Town Dali, like most "old towns" in major Chinese cities, has basically been turned into an outdoor mall. If you like screaming kids and clueless yokels wondering around aimlessly, then you'll love it.

So, "I go to Dali to enjoy the beautiful Erhai!" you say; well, get in line. There seems to be a flourishing business of colorful Rugged Land rover looking SUV and ebike rentals around Erhai; you will find you are stuck behind a line of said vehicles when approaching most scenic spots. Once you get to these spots, entrepreneurial locals have already set up rows of decorative props,

lounge chairs, swings, coffee tables, in order to provide narcissistic selfie-takers the opportunity to pay10 quai and indulge in endless posing.

Sorry to be such a downer, but really, Dali has lost almost all of its former charm. Getting there a little bit faster only exacerbates the rapid decline. IMHO, it's now about one grade above a tourist trap.

Perhaps it is better during Chinese holidays?

Just my 2 Cents.


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