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Prague Café features gourmet coffee and homemade bread baked fresh daily. We also offer crisp, fresh salads, a variety of soups and made-to-order pizzas.

Come and visit our Café & Restaurant in Kunming's northern city centre!

Listing info
  • NamePrague Café (Beichen)
  • Address12 Beichen Pedestrian Street, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65820226
  • HoursDaily: 10am-11:30pm
  • Happy HourTea time: 1-5:30pm
    Cocktails: 1-8pm
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Prague Café (Beichen) • 12 Beichen Pedestrian Street



Good food, outdoor seating, friendly service and north Kunming's best selection of books for sale, all on a quiet section of the Beichen pedestrian area. Solid.


Tiger Tiger should be ashamed.
9 or 10 inches for a large pizza is not fine. This same tiny pizza will run you around 45 yuan, possibly more. The cities of Chicago, New York, and Seattle, should be called in to cast judgment on this Pizza Crime. It should be called a "small pizza" and cost 20-25 yuan. Desserts are OK but overpriced.


Had the pizza this time.

Large is about 9-10". Not expensive and well prepared. Choice of thick or thin crust. I had the bacon pizza. Fine.

Coffee, as always I now go for the basic coffee. In the past I ordered a Columbian coffee at extra expense. However, I am pretty sure it was just Yunnan coffee in a different cup.

French fries, you get a largish portion.

Brownies fine, but the cheesecake better.
Sandwiches are large bread rolls. If you are not big eaters a sandwich will do for 2 people.

Toilet was really clean and 'fresh'. Now that is worth an extra star on its own.


Prague Cafe in Bei Chen Walking Street is Prague III.

There are other branches in Wen Lin Jie and in Lijiang.

I've been a long time customer of the Wen Lin branch.

Both Kunming branches are pleasant places to meet and chat with friends.

The food may not be the cheapest, but the cheapest would be from the street vendors.

I meet and drink coffee with friends at the Wen Lin PC several times weekly, especially since the Yun Joy Cafe is no more.


The breakfast is decent, but it's way over-priced. It's gone up again and is now 38 yuan. So, the breakfast is; eggs, bacon, a potato 'hash brown', and a small bowl of salad (cucumber, lettuce and some carrot) marinated only in olive oil and salt. You can choose a cup of coffee or green tea. The added glass of orange juice is no longer part of the deal. 38 Yuan? Sorry, but no thanks. Just not worth it. Salvador's breakfast is 25 kuai, more filling, and has re-fill coffee for an extra 5 Yuan. No contest.