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Forums > Living in Kunming > Chromecast alternative

The H96 max is an Android tv box that comes preinstalled with Netflix but finding a workaround to access it requires a VPN as Netflix is not locally available but it will certainly work as an alternative to chromecast.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do we have a Vape Comminuty?

There is a small vape community in Kunming and the first vape meet took place at the beginning of this year with resounding success. There is certainly a growing vape community amongst locals but the expat community tends to keep it separate. I have already set up a Weixin group for this exact purpose and anyone with interest or questions relating to vaping is welcome to join. PM me for more details and stay away from the stinkies!


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Great selection of finely crafted beers in a great location rounded off by fantastic food and service.


Terrible experience with incompetent doctors attempting to force me to engage in the referral round about. Nothing more than a money grubbing, ethically challenged institution fooling people under the claim of "International hospital". The translator's honest attempt to help was the only positive in this experience and if anyone is fooled by the claims of "International" competence, you have been warned!


What an amazing venue with the true potential to become Kunming's greatest night club. Besides the fact that it is nowhere near Kundu, the owners have clearly put a lot of time and thought into every aspect of this place and i can only expect it to get better and better. Well done guys!