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Do we have a Vape Comminuty?

bucko (694 posts) • 0

Any GC members into vaping? Would you be interested in starting a Vape group?

There is a lot of information we could be sharing to benefit a Vape group. It's a rather obscure hobby/habit especially in China.

We could discuss hardware, techniques, DIY juices, coil wrapping, etc.

Any interest????

ricsnapricsnap (192 posts) • 0

I am slowing getting into the vaping business myself. Last year I went to a exhibition in Shenzen and selected some of the best hardware and juices (these latter 'organic'). PM if you need some of this stuff. I am in touch with the right producers.

bucko (694 posts) • 0

what hardware you vaping on?

You know 95% of everything vape is made in China, but most suppliers are export only. I end up having to get hardware in the US because of this.

How was that expo? Was it crowded?

logos (16 posts) • 0

i am a vaper and although i may not be in Kunming i may be soon. I am selling vaping gear online and would love to collab with vapors there who can get good cheap gear. atomizers, mods, liquids, whatever.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

I've got nothing against people interested in vaping, but the idea of creating a "community" around it sounds like newspeak, and a corruption of language.
Confucius was a reactionary, to be sure, but his idea of the Rectification of Names is worth thinking about in the face of all the growth of political, marketing and computer babble that lets us imagine we still know what we are talking about. Often nothing but shallow indications of what once had meaning are left.
Not jumping on the poster, just commenting on what has been happening to language for all too long - plenty of words have gone to hell and have led to dangerous comic-strip thought about how things 'really' are (e.g., 'democracy', 'freedom', etc.)
OK, guess this isn't quite to the point of the thread. Happy vaping.

ldblo (11 posts) • 0

There is a small vape community in Kunming and the first vape meet took place at the beginning of this year with resounding success. There is certainly a growing vape community amongst locals but the expat community tends to keep it separate. I have already set up a Weixin group for this exact purpose and anyone with interest or questions relating to vaping is welcome to join. PM me for more details and stay away from the stinkies!

bucko (694 posts) • 0

@lemon lover.... best you understand your equipment before using it. Operator error will do that to you.

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