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fabshq (17 posts) • 0

Hi everyone

Is there any place in KMG to buy electronic cigarette and e-liquids with nicotine?


darkone264 (108 posts) • 0

Joe one of the owners of moondog makes his own all the stuff is imported from the USA come tonight around 9pm he should have some

ricsnapricsnap (192 posts) • 0

With a Chinese partner, I am slowly entering into the business of selling e-cig and liquid. After visiting the international exhibition in Shenzen, I already have some samples of different size and power. I selected some organic liquid as well. Send me a message if interested.

fabshq (17 posts) • 0

Thanks Darkone264,I couldn't come tonight,but will very soon,I guess tomorrow sat.

Thanks Ricsnap.

My wechat: Fabskwarn

Best regards

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