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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign children born in China and visas

Called them on Monday afternoon and she said... give it another day, just after the holiday.... wait till tomorrow.

The next day I got the call late in the morning to come to the office... so we had to go after lunch at 2.  While there, after waiting half an hour, they gave us one paper... it was about me confessing to my crime and getting this written warning... I had to sign and fingerprint it.  We had to take that paper to the next place (one of the offices we had been to last week).

We went to the next place and there was hardly anybody there, no lines, no waiting.  The guy at the information desk told us where to go... the main supervisors office (we saw him last week).  He read my paper, made a couple phone calls and told us to go to 3rd floor for photos of the kids.  I had to fill out a form for each of them about visas and make copies of birth certs, passports, police registration and bring everything to a window.

The lady at the window asked us why didn't we get their passports/visas on time.... UUGGHH... told her the shortened version.  She checked everything, told us the visas will be ready in 7 working days!  So that's it.  We are getting them!  Finally.

Have to go back on the 20th and pick them up (160¥ each). 

But no fine either.
We will likely fly out on the 21st.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Short term storage help

I have never heard of these places in Kunming, although I have rented space in a storage locker when I was in Shenzhen.

It was called Locker Locker.

We rented an elevator sized

space and it cost 300+ per month.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign children born in China and visas

I received a message today from Exit/Entry that my paperwork is being processed.

I am not sure what that means.

Now tomorrow is a holiday and then the weekend.

I think I will go back to Exit/Entry on Monday and show them the police registration and see what they say while hoping for a small miracle.


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