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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign children born in China and visas

It has been frustrating and difficult cause Im dragging the kids around to these boring places where we just wait for hours.

But it has to be done.

At least 2 of the offices we went to were Exit/Entry.

The other may or may not have been.

It seems that the biggest problem is that they were all born in Qingdao and we spent most of our time in China in that city.

They said if we go back there, then it should be easily solved... I wonder if that is true.

We have only dealt with supervisors and top people in these places... we were always sent straight to these offices.

They often mull over the situation and paperwork for a couple hours and send us on our way.

I don't think they are too concerned about a fine, although one place told us there will be a fine... probably 2000 max per child.

I honestly think they don't know how to fix this.

They said we need to go back to Qingdao... its the law.

They also suggested we go back and register the kids.

Our first stop anywhere during this process was to go register them at the police station but when we went there, they said they couldn't do anything because their passports were empty... no entry stamps.

The Exit/Entry said to go back there and tell them they told us to go there and get them registration papers.

We did that today and got them registered.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign children born in China and visas

We went to the next office the next morning... gave them passports, birth certs, everything.

The man we were supposed to meet wasn't there.

So we had to tell everything over again and that officer called the man from the first place and talked to him.

I thought we were going to a place maybe higher or to see someone that could help us.

But this place was basically the same.

We sat for about 2 hours and the man finally came out and he was finished.

Finished doing what?

We didn't know.

He gave us a high quality nice plastic folder for all of our papers and sent us on our way.

He told us to go another office, this one closer to our home, but basically the same type of place.

He said they could help us there.

I got the impression that this would be it and THIS place was the final place.

Had to wait a few hours till they opened again after lunch.

Arrived at the next place and they had no idea who we were or why we were there.

We explained.

He called the last place we had been at and asked them why he sent us there.... they cannot do anything.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pet export

I tried the phone number, it worked.

But maybe wechat is easier anyway.

But I don't see a wechat ID or number I could easily send you.

Add me and then I can send you the contact card.

My wechat is JenniferP1999


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