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Forums > Living in Kunming > Pet export

Wow Geezer, that was harsh.

And I am no expert.

This was something done more than a year ago and its not that complicated.

I also had a friend do it recently so I got more information from him.

Thats what nice people do, help each other.

That was mean.

I was not ignorant as to how to document children.

It is also not so complicated.

If you read about what happened and why then maybe things wouldn't be so odd to you or maybe I wasn't so specific, I don't remember.

Maybe you have never been in a relationship where you have no say in what happens in your day to day life.

Maybe you've never had someone abuse you then leave the house taking with them your passport, any access to money, your phone, turns off the wifi and takes one child, just in case there is a chance you may still leave.

Maybe you've never had someone force you to take sleeping pills and then lock you in a bedroom for the day.

Maybe you've never had someone take your phone and go through every text message, email and if there was something he didn't like or earlier aporove of, beat your child while telling the child... it's your Mom'
s fault.. this is her fault... and if you try to stop it, say it is enough, he gets it even worse.

Maybe those cats were his and they got treated better than his wife or his own kids.

It wasn't a matter of being confused or ignorant, I wasn't 'allowed' to and one parent can't do it alone.

So thank you, thank you for bringing tears to my eyes this morning as I am trying to be strong and make my way back to the EEB today hoping for some kind of resolution.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pet export

It is NOT limited to those airports.

In fact, the company we used for our cats I believe is actually based in Kunming but have branches all over China.

We sent our cats and had no problems and the cats arrived safely.

In the US, the person who picked them up had to pay some kind of fee... it was $85 US.

There name is Chong Le You
400 666 8885
press 1 for domestic

press 2 for international

... The price will be more expensive

now since this is high travel season and flights are more expensive.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pet export

It is possible... the procedure to do by yourself is a pain in the ass... you have to get a medical check and shots and a paper from a certain vet that checks your dog cause only some vets are authorized to do it.

The shot and check have to be within a certain time limit from when the flight is.

The dog also needs a microchip before it can leave and must be on a non-stop flight.

There are companies that charge a lot but take care of EVERYTHING for you.

They come to your house with a carrier and take your dog... that's it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreign children born in China and visas

Well nothing was really accomplished today.

We spent about three hours there, explained EVERYTHING.

We were put in a room with a supervisor.

Another problem is the kids were born in another city... so they said it's best to go back to that city and take care of this.

Of course, that is not an option.

So he says maybe they can call that city and get whatever information they need... luckily they were all born in the same city.

In the end he said we need to go to a different office tomorrow (same type office in a different location)... someone will be expecting us in the morning.


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