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Forums > Living in Kunming > Gaming laptop/desktop

also available bought a gaming rig last year for that price range. you can probably get better then that now. I know the district well

12 core 3.1g
16g ddr5 ram
nvidia 1060 Ti
1T hud 128ssd
I7 8th gen

Forums > Living in Kunming > Laptop language change

only windows 10 professional allows you to install other language packs. if you bought your computer in china and did not get windows 10 pro you likely got the home adition and that will be in chinese they have the pro installer at the shop most likely so be sure to get them to put it on and download ENG usa or any other language you prefer it will change all computer folders to English and show you english on divice manager and the like there might still be a little chinese stuff and some drivers will have chinese names.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Board games

haha we usually have 3h to 6h sessions once a week. the main game has lasted 2.5 years playing pretty much everyweek

Forums > Living in Kunming > Board games

yes dungeons and dragons been around since the late 80's we play 5th edition now good for newbies and not as difficult to learn as previous versions


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