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Forums > Living in Kunming > Board games

someone mentioned D&D yeah there is a community for it in D&D contact me and

there are 4 dm's that play regularly so if its something your interested in contact me on here.

we also hang out at barfly occasionally you can find us there easily enough when they reopen

Forums > Living in Kunming > Full sexual health check

with the exception of AIDS and Hep B you will not have problems with visa's or deportation. anything else can be controlled or cured. now actually getting the required drugs to cure them might be a different challenge.

last time i did my med check I did it back home, got the one needed for the work visa and then got a full check a week later.

Forums > Study > Is college hard in china ?

In china I can't say for sure if college is easier then abroad. I know in Canada and the Usa (not all schools) it works like this if your GPA falls below 2.5 (roughly 60% average) you are on probation for a semester if you fall below 2.0 (50%) you are failed out of your program. now more competitive programs (law, Medicine, Engineering, and computer sci) have higher minimums. in china as a foreigner paying more then average chinese citizens and being good for a school you likely wont fail regardless of your work

Forums > Food & Drink > Heavy metal bar for fun?

there is a metal scene in kunming mostly underground MAO live house occasionally has metal shows for local bands and Modern sky lab as well (its a bit far from downtown) rarely but sometimes we get international bands. for example Arch Enemy was here a year ago

Forums > Living in Kunming > Suit Rental

interested in a place to rent a nice suit a well, as I am the groom I do need one, since I don't normally wear suits and don't go to functions often that would require such formal wear renting would be the better option for me


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