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Forums > Living in Kunming > IP Television Guide

if you don't care about watching tv on an actual tv then you can always use streaming sites. is my first choice for english tv shows, youku,qqvideo, and others for anything not english. no downloads required for these sites though the option is there if you want it. and of course free

Forums > Travel Yunnan > information about 72 hour Visa Exemption

I did this once, from Hk to home(canada) I stopped in beijing I think for like 8 hour layover and was not allowed to leave the international departure area since my flight was a reasonable time away, customs never gave me any trouble

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teaching Salaries

Degree from an English country, a degree major in english or education from none english countries, TEFL or similar all notarized by the embassy in your home country clean medical and criminal check.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teaching Salaries

most places I have worked at have 1 hour classes with 5 minute break in the middle, or 1.5h classes with 10.

per hour pay is usually higher then salary if you break it down. salary is safer because its always the same. for example you accept a job that says up to 20h a week and you only teach 18 hours your still paid the full salary, assuming you show up and work as your suppose to.

where as 200h part time may not be as stable and usually don't include work visas


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