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Forums > Living in Kunming > Medical exam: rather in Europe or in Kunming?

to get a work visa/residence permit you must do a medical exam twice once when your employer applies to get you the papers to get a work visa, the medical exam is usually done in your home country you just need a stamp saying you got it at a real medical center one that they could check if they wanted to.

so you got your work visa and are in china now the work visa is only 1 month so you must apply to get it changed to a residence visa you will need a medical check (about 400rmb) done in china at the hospital in kunming

Forums > Living in Kunming > Monthly expenses in Kunming

rent 1200 a month (includes utilities)
food I try to keep it to 30 a day some times less some times more
chinese lessons 360 a week
other small misc expenses 500 a month.

about 4040rmb a month


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