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information about 72 hour Visa Exemption

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • 0

Useful information links, thank you, much better than the usual speculation.
There have been some enquiries from those who would want to buck the system. The kickers here are that you must already have the transit ticket to a third country when you arrive in China, and only travellers from 45 countries may apply.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

i dont think anyone here has done it, as it would be for transit pax who by definition didnt stay.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

I haven't personally, but it does work from watching an American couple go through customs in front of me in Wuhan airport. They told me they were doing the transit visa, saw them get pulled to the side, but later saw them getting their luggage, so assume it went fine. Anyone on the transit visa must register during their stay, even if just one night, otherwise the system will black mark you as having entered China but never registered a stay. Happened to a tourist who used the transit visa but did an airbnb for his stay.

darkone264 (108 posts) • -1

I did this once, from Hk to home(canada) I stopped in beijing I think for like 8 hour layover and was not allowed to leave the international departure area since my flight was a reasonable time away, customs never gave me any trouble

JanJal (1028 posts) • 0

If you were not allowed to leave the international area of airport, you probably were not issued a transit visa to begin with.

He transit visa is specifically meant to enable you to "tourist" your time in the city instead of hanging in confined space at the airport.

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