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RandomMugRandomMug (1 post) • +1

So I am moving from a larger city where I was getting 20k+. I dont like living in a larger city and there seems to be something special about Kunming. I have been talking to a few schools and the salaries are quite lower.

What would you say the average training center ir kindergarden teacher gets paid? These days?

Leland (17 posts) • +1

20+? now i'm depressed. what city is that? Chongqing is quite big (even for China 哈哈), but salaries there are more or less same as here. 12-13+, with overtime can be like 16-18 max (but i mean serious overtime). I guess you can get more if you work part time in several places and have private students, but I haven't seen any place that would offer more than 12-13 (including the housing allowance) and +bonuses

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • +1

Most of the language schools are in the 120/hr range. This is for English teaching.
English teachers at university are usually under 5K, but it is about 16 hours per week and you get flights home accommodation, usually an apartment.
Subject teachers (usually math), also affected by the number of hours. In the state high schools, it was about 13k, but the hours are around 16hr/wk.

Private sector high schools, the pay varies a lot, and is usually affected by hours. This usually starts at about 150K per hour, with paid holidays, up to 20k per month + overtime pay, but no paid holidays.
12 years ago I was getting 18k/m in Shanghai for a 16 hour teaching week. The most I have earned in Kunming was with a bridge school, it was a full 40 hr contract (with office hours), 20k + accommodation allowance. No flights, no paid holidays.

Haali (1178 posts) • 0

150k per hour would be nice Tiger haha. Do you mean 150 per hour or 150k per year?

For kindergarten I think you are looking at 12-15k a month if you have relevant qualifications and/or experience.

Training schools teachers get more like 10-13k base plus bonuses. 13-15k + bonuses for management roles.

I'd say most English teachers are getting between 140k and 200k a year here total.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • 0

Sorry, 150/hr.
I still think that there are a lot of English teachers earning less than 140K

total. package, as many small language schools do not offer flights or accommodation. Although some places do offer opportunities for lots of overtime.

michael2015 (784 posts) • +1

If you've EVER had to manage a group of screaming, excited, bored, hyperactive, hyper-emotional pre-schoolers with the attention span of a gnat, ¥150 an hour is ludicrously miniscule.

Kudos to @RandomMug for loving children - gotta love 'em a whole lot to be a preschool teacher - infinite patience, infinite compassion, infinite love...amazing. I'd rather clean a sewer or volunteer as a minesweeper than take that job on 7/24.

Too cowardly to be a pre-school teacher.

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